Can't Login to Mobile App - NOT "Network Error"

Using iOS 10, SmartThings App 2.2.1, using correct login information.

I try to log into my SmartThings app and it just doesn’t go anywhere. No error or network error message, just spins then nothing. As if it spins for three seconds while saying “logging in” then that square disappears and nothing happens. I watch the live log and there is nothing.

  • I have deleted and re-installed the app (did not work)
  • I have rebooted the Hub (did not work)
  • I have rebooted the phone (did not work)***edited
  • Tried the useless telephone help line. No one knew what SmartThings was - why have a phone # listed?
  • Opened a support ticket…

Any ideas or anyone else having this issue?

Phone reboot?

Oops, left that out above. Added it to the list.

Yes, I did reboot the phone and no, it did not work.

So odd…

I found your support ticket… we are escalating this to an engineer to figure out what’s going on. Hang tight and someone will update your ticket shortly!

You withdrew the post, but yes the issue was fixed. To be fair, it was fixed quite quickly and I was impressed with their speed to fix it. It was an internal “bug” that they found and have corrected. Thanks for everyone’s help - the wife is happy again.

I realize this is an old post but I am having the same problem and it has been going on for some time now. Login credentials are accepted outside of the app. Submitting login through the app does not return any error or message of any type, simply displays spinning wheel as if attempting to sign in and the stops. However inputting the incorrect password does return an error message. I am hoping someone can help me with this. I submitted a support ticket 5 days ago and so far the only response has been to ask me what phone and ST version I was using. Luckily I have ActionTiles set up and can still access key features but have been unable to dismiss an intrusion alarm and SmartThings continues to remind me hourly. Any help would be appreciated.

iPhone 7 - Most recent iOS update available

ST - Version Up to Date

Problem has been ongoing on iPhone for 5+ Months. Can not access on any device.

I have same issue

Me tooo wtf i just bought the thing and cant use it