Mobile app has lost all things

I understand there was a service malfunction yesterday. During it, I couldn’t use the mobile app. The status website now says everything is back up and running. I can now open the app, at least, but all of my Things are gone, as are my marketplace apps and settings. Only my Samsung TV shows up (it never did before).

If I log in to the API website, I see my hub and everything configured as it should be. It says the hub is active.

I’m using iOS SmartThings app 2.13.0 (1431).

Some users are still experiencing problems today…

Ah, thanks for the link. I thought it was weird I didn’t see a big thread about it. :slight_smile:

Although I don’t think the outage is your issue here, maybe but it sounds reminiscent of another issue with accounts “SmartThings versus Samsung”.

Can you go into your mobile app and from the Dashboard screen, if you click on he Hamburger (3 lines), are you able to select another Location? Want to make sure you only have one, and if you have two then that one should show up there and you can select it.

If thats not the issue login to your IDE at After logging in it will redirect you to the correct shard (url for your account). Do you see your correct Location / Hub / Devices? Or do you only see your Television as a Device? If this is the case, contact Support.

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You, sir (or ma’am), are a genius. I did have two Homes. Now to figure out how to merge them, since it seems kinda neat to be able to do things with the TV from my phone.

Thanks so much!

Your welcome.

Can you do me a favor and mark that post as a solution so others who come across this topic can see that as a solution which might assist them as well?

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Quick note. Some of us who were in the Account Migration Beta experienced having a second Location created and we removed them.

Because you have a Device (TV) in the 2nd Location, you are going to need to leave it intact (do not delete). They will figure out the merging of the two somewhere down the road.

But because of this, and having the two Locations, if you stop the ST Application at any point (force stop or force close), the next time you open the ST mobile app, it will default to this second location and make it look like you have nothing again, so remember to simply select the primary location with all your devices again and you will be fine. It’s annoying I know, but it’s the workaround for now. :grinning: