Mobile App Crashes When iPhone Presence Sensor Accessed

After the hub issues on Friday 12/11/18, my iphone stopped functioning as a presence sensor. I removed it as a presence sensor and then reinstalled it.I also did additional reboots to the hub. My iphone still doesn’t work as a presence sensor and now when I access my iphone in things, the mobile app crashes; shuts down immediately. My wifes iphone coutinues to function as a presence sensor. On her iphone, when i.access my iphone in things, the app crashes; shuts down. I have a help ticket with support on the issue. Any suggestions from the group?

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Help Desk Solution, which worked -

1.) Log into and deleted my Iphone
2.) Deleted Smart Things app from my Iphone
3.) Downloaded and reinstalled Smart Things app to my Iphone
4.) Added back my Iphone as presence sensor.

I have the same problem, did exactly what you mentioned, no luck, still having the same problem, I have IOS 9.2.1 (13D11), could this beta version be the reason ?

FWIW, I had the same problem with an iPhone 6s, so i just opened ST on my android phone and deleted the iPhone there…

Granted, i no longer use my iPhone as a presence sensor because it truly killed its battery life:(