Mistbox AC cooling support

Has anyone tried the Mistbox for their AC units? I don’t think it’s worthy of ST integration as it sounds pretty automated itself, but curious of any reviews from this crowd.


Read the community feedback at the bottom of this Gizmag Review of Mistbox from engineers and technical community. Sounds like this A/C accessory has some definite pros and cons.

There are similar misting system out there that’s WAY cheaper than mistbox.

Bottom line is, yes it works, HOWEVER, you’ll be dealing with rust and mineral build-up problems in exchange. IMHO, not worth it

The hvac guy seems to point out the missing understanding is its not putting water on the coil, it’s condensate sprayed Outward so it won’t affect the coil much as there is no direct spray on it. Which does make more sense. A lot of comments I see are from knuckleheads who thought it was a good idea to spray water directly on their coils all the time. Lol

Interesting amount of back and forth…I think the real issue I wondered about is actual cost savings and recovery for that investment…

Thanks for the feedback!

Nice post, never heard of this but it makes sense if done right. Turns into a mini cooling tower.