Using ST leak sensor for window condensation?

I was thinking of getting a ST leak sensor to fix to a window to warn me when condensation is forming on it (a room we don’t use much). Will it work in a vertical orientation and is it likely to pick it up early enough before it’s literally swimming in it?

Test it on a mirror in a steamy shower :), maybe that won’t be enough tho.

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I would try Sensative “drips” for this use case. Zwave, so make sure you get the right frequency for your hub.

For any leak sensor, though, there has to be enough water to make an electrical connection between the two sensor points (that’s how these devices work) so just misting up a little probably won’t trigger it.

You might actually get a better result for your purpose from a humidity sensor mounted on the wall next to the window, not the window itself.

In any case it will probably require some trial and error until you are getting notifications when you want them.

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I think it will have to be on the window as the walls are far warmer (metal framed windows, you see) and the relative humidity wouldn’t read the same. Can you recommend a humidity sensor? I tried Aqara but they won’t stay connected and only give readings once in a blue moon.