Anyone have Cielo Breez eco AC blaster?

Hey everyone! I have been trying to solve a problem over the last few years now, when it comes to proper integration with Air Conditioners.

What i want is something that connects to smartthings and provides a full AC interface inside the smartthings app similar to this:

I don’t want to buy new Samsung air conditioners as mine are quite new.

Currently i have 4 broadlink rm minis that do not integrate with Smartthings and one switchbot hub mini that only shows my AC as a switch.

I asked my friend @AutomateYourLife to request switchbot to bring AC controlled units added through their hub mini to show up as a full AC interface, but that may take a long time, if ever.

The one product that is reasonably cheap enough to buy, is the Cielo Breez Eco but i want to know if anyone is using it, how it shows up in the smartthings app and how well it works.

Here is the link to the product page : Cielo Breez Eco | Control Your AC with your Phone | Cielo WiGle

Thank you.

Yeah it’s a tough one. I know SwitchBot focuses more on Google/Amazon integrations, but we’ll see. They’ve done stuff for the IR component before!

Thanks for the reply Brian.! Have you talked to them about this?

Hey Andreas

Seems like you are on the right track with this device. I have used it extensively over a few months for my LG air conditioner, and it worked perfectly.

The setup was easy enough, you will most definitely be familiar with the whole process for Smartthings.

You will first have to setup your Cielo app, and register your air conditioner on the app. Afterwards you can move on to integrating the Cielo app with the Smartthings app from within the Smartthings setup.

The control screen will be exactly as you want, and you can control all the main features of the air conditioner from within Smartthings. You can also set up scenes, and all the other goodies of the smartthings app will also be available to you.

Also, Cielo has a pretty big database of air conditioners in their system, and you get support for almost all the air conditioners on the market.

Go for it, definitely recommend!

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Thanks a lot but have found a workaround as it is not available anywhere for me to buy.

My issue was that on my bedroom AC i wanted the flap to not swing when i turn it on so that the air did blow on me directly. Neither broadlink nor switchbot allows to controll the swing through scenes in their apps, so i ended up making a custom broadlink remote and creating a scene that i then control using a virtual switch via alexa

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Which country are you in if you don’t mind me asking?

And that is a very neat solution you found there…pretty clever.

The Eco does give the same function, but ofcourse got to get another device for that!


Thanks! I live in Cyprus, but and uk don’t have it in stock.