Hozelock Cloud watering

Hi - there is somewhat of a drout when it comes to automatic watering systems in the UK (see what I did there) but have been looking at the Hozelock Cloud. Has anyone written a device handler for it?

I’ve seen the product mentioned once or twice here but nothing on the development front.


I spotted this product too.
Sent Hozelock an email asking them what protocol they used and they replied saying it was their own propriety protocol.
I’m assuming this will only work with ST if a cloud to cloud DH can be developed and works.
It will mean another hub!!!
4 hubs and a Pi is enough for me already. :grin:

I’m watching this thread with interest! This is my next project (I’m also in the UK)

I started looking at hozelock myself, but judging by thr reviews on amazon, there does seem to be an issue with the valve getting stuck in the open or closed position !

Any other productss you’ve looked at?


This is something I’d like like to take on too, but I have so far failed to find a device to do what I want without being too complicated, if anyone spots anything, I’d be very happy to know about it.

That’s not entirely straightforward, it presumes you have mains power easily close to the water supply outside

The alternative is a battery powered timer, which albeit does not offer the flexibility of CoRE/webCoRE, but my in general expectations/hope would improved smart devices vs the alternative.

That’s what I’ve done…

  • Put a compression tee valve with washing machine fitting (3/4 bsp) in the cold water supply under the kitchen sink
  • Connected a 3/4 bsp solenoid to it
  • Powered the solenoid via an Aeotec smart switch with an isolator switch from the dishwasher plug socket
  • Put a reducer in the other side of the valve down to a 4.6mm barbed fitting
  • used the Gardena micro drip irrigation system with their 4.6mm hose connected straight in via a hole through the wall and used the micro drip hose for ~20m of flower beds

I’ve written a few pistons in CoRE using a weather Device Handler to turn the switch on in the morning unless it’s rained more than 1mm the day before or that morning. I’ve got one that ensures it’s switched off after an hour no matter how it was switched on.

Works great all for about £150 including all the hose, fittings, isolator switch, clips, etc

Thanks Simon.

I’d be interested in seeing a screenshot of your CoRE piston, I’ve been testing something similar but I am not getting the results I expect.

The main ones are these two to turn on and off. I have two additional pistons to save the total rain yesterday and the total rain today into those two variables.

Note the repeated turning on and off - I occasionally get devices that don’t respond to commands, annoyingly. This is my work around to that.

Great, where do you get the rain amount from, that is what I am missing to make my piston work and more accurate, currently I have the following which is never firing:

I added this Device Handler: https://github.com/takissd/MySmartThings/tree/master/devicetypes/takis/smartweather-station-tile-2-0.src

It has an attribute of total rain that day. I modified it slightly to have another attribute as a number as they were all strings which made the comparison in CoRE more difficult. As mine runs in the morning I just save out the value at 23:40 each day as yesterday’s total rain.

Excellent, thanks.

I have just developed a ST device handler for the Hozelock Cloud watering system if anyone is still interested. I will be posting it soon.

I have:

See: [RELEASE] Hozelock Cloud Controller Device Handler