Missing temperature graphs

Hi All,
I wonder if anybody else has this problem.
None of my temperature devices (Sonoff, Secure thermostats and switches) are populating temperature graphs for minutes or hours (there is a daily graph).
The Sonoff’s are using channel: STE-roadDOG, device: RDG - Zigbee Temp.
The Secure Thermostats (SRT323 and SRT321) and switch (SIR321) are using my own custom edge drivers.
I restarted my V2 hub (batteries out and power off for ~3 minutes); no change.
The temperature changes are present in the device histories in each case and the values are updating but no graph, except for Day. Automations seem to work.

Yes this has started to happen recently for me too, probably within the last week. On iOS

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Thanks @Jeff_Gallagher ,
I am on Android, version which was updated on Nov 5th.

Temperature graphs have magically reappeared (actually all graphs including battery %).

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Same it’s back working