Temperature history stopped working for mins & hrs

I have a. number of ecobee thermostats and remote temperature sensors integrated into SmartThings and am running the new SmartThings app.

The temperature history trend graph used to work until a couple of days ago. But now when I click on the little icon to display the graph either in minutes or hours it no longer display the history. Any ideas anyone please?

I believe that’s been posted somewhere else around here in another thread. Several folks have noticed that issue, and I believe it’s a bug and not an issue with your device. I have the same problem, including the app crashing when selecting Day for some of my door sensors to see temperature history.

Somebody is tinkering with the UX plugging. I cannot understand why it could be set in stone, ages ago, what that pluggin would do and how.
First change from line graph to bar graph, then it went completely broken on foreign language phones, and now this… BUT Get ready to make the switch!


Thanks for the insights. Appreciated.
GSzabados… what do you mean about… get ready to make the switch? I didn’t follow what you meant.

Ok, you must be a new user with a v3 Hub and only used the SmartThings app, I guess.
Features like the graphs were not available within the Classic app, but you could do your own ones many different ways and add them as pictures there. And the code was working without any issue. Now the SmartThings apps UX is changed often by ST, and sometimes what was working yesterday it is not working today, as you experienced. The Get Ready to make the switch was the slogan of the last email regarding the future end of the Classic app. And it is the title of the relevant topic in the Announcements section.

They are now working again.
Running iOS App 02/12/2020

My history temps stopped working a few months ago and still haven’t returned. Everything is updated, I get current temp and humidity. And it’s not even vendor specific, one device is still giving me history, while another from the same vendor is not.