Histograms/Trends Broken

Hi all.

Is anyone else experiencing the loss of sensor histograms? All mine have stopped now for about a week.
The history and current data are there and updating normally, just the historical trends show nothing anymore - really frustrating.

I searched the forums for mention of this but any mention seems from way back.

A few days before they stopped I installed little smartsense temp & humidity sensor, this did trend normally during that time. Just wondering if anyone knows if that may be related?

Cheers for any help in advance.

Every one of mine has also stopped, from Hive to Sonoff temp sensors, to samsung ones.

I’ve updated the app with no joy, hopefully the hub firmware that’s rolling out at the moment fixes it.

V3 hub here.

In the history you can still see the updates, just no graphs.

I only have Sonoff temp/humidity sensors that show graphs and they are working fine.

And like that they’re back today, with all the history too…