Sonoff TH temp problem

i have sonoffs all over my house controlling many things, the most important one is in an out building.

it is a sonoff th16 connected to a heater and i have a temp sensor connected to that. now in the beginning it showed me temp reports every 300 seconds but for some reason now its not doing it for hours or if i prompt it with hitting the refresh button.

i have it setup that if the temp drop below a certain level it turns on.

anyone else having this issue or can help me fix it


Did anyone resolve this issue ?
Just flashed mine to get it working on smartthings (I am a begginer) and I have the same issue.
Temp probe is working but will not autorefresh.
Temp + Humidity probe not working (sensor good).
Wish I could make it work with humidity and make turn on and off like it was in ewelink but in the Smartthings app.

Which firmware & DTH are you using? There are a few firmware/DTH/SmartApp released by different developers, it may be quicker to ask in their released topic.