Missing Sensors Since Migrating to New App

I just migrated to the new app and am not happy about it so far. First, I see that Echo Speaks won’t work so that stinks. Ow I just realized that I have sensors that are missing.

I have the AD2Pi device so that all of my old alarm connections are accessible from ST. I see some of them but I see none of my door sensors are visible. I started added rooms and none of the door sensors are there.

Any ideas on what’s going on or how to fix? This is frustrating to deal with issues after being forced to go to the new app.

Other people have had similar problems but I don’t know if for exactly the same reason:


And the official thread on the changes is here:

Updates to the SmartThings Platform

IMHO, I’m dumb founded that ST has their users doing their last mile quality control work.

Apparently QA didn’t encounter so many of these problematic issues over the last N months in ‘test’ and now we users are being marched down the forced off a working platform! Oh well, we all have choices!

This forced migration to something 'better ’ so reminds me of a few other ‘better’ decisions, like Palm Pilot, Betamax, AOL, Blackberry…

{End of rant :hot_face:}

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Just wait when they lawyers start the class action against them…
It is going to make this mess every worse.

I think mine may still be a mess but I do have some updates on it.

I did send an email to support, so I have a case opened. In the meantime, I was looking around and found that at least my missing door sensors seem to be missing because of a difference in the apps. I use the AD2Pi device to attach smartthings to my Ademco alarm panel. In the old smartthings, the sensors show up as security sensors and I just had to find the right zone and label/name it to the right door sensor. So in the old app, it was working perfect. In the new app, none of those were showing up. Now it looks like they are there but they have a different name/label again. They have some kind of security device label again. So I have gone back into the new app and renamed/labeled those devices again. I have not had time to test them all out yet but at least my front door seemed to be showing correctly.

This is all such nonsense. I was 100% happy with the old app. Now I am just at a guessing game of what is missing or any integrations that will fail to work. This is on top of having to learn the new app to find where things are now. Its a shame that this is happening.