Missing Rooms in new Smartthings App

@Brad_ST, @SamsungZell I’ve seem you try to fix this for others.

In the Rooms screen I only have 5 rooms, but the click on Reorder in this screen and I have all my rooms available to re-order, that are set to the order I used on the Edit in the Home Screen to reorder.

I’ve already fixed missing Devices by going into Classic App and saving to get them to display already so looking for help on this as Rooms issue! Any ideas ?

Do you have a support ticket I can reference? How many rooms and devices are not correct? While annoying it may be quickest to delete the rooms in the Classic app and re-create them in the new app.

any special characters in the room names?

This might have to do with my Lighting Groups disappearing too!

Working with Anudeep via email but interestingly enough no ticket number has been assigned that I can find.

In that inevitable way, they showed up. Maybe a batch job that copies changes from two tables didn’t trigger but the are now aligned.