A room full of devices disappeared (July 6, 2019)

This morning I noticed an entire room of devices missing in the app. I’m unable to find the sensors in the dashboard, rooms or devices. However, I can see them in the Classic and I can see them when I look at rule/automation details in the new app.

I’ve included screenshots. Any thoughts?

You might try rebooting your hub in IDE

Thanks, I gave it a try but it didn’t work. But I found that it’s just on my phone. Other devices like my tablet show the devices so I’m going to clear the app cache and try it again.

Last night all my simulated switches vanished from the Smart lighting app (UK) they were back this morning

I’ve restarted the hub via IDE, no dice. I cleared the app cache, no dice. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and still have the same issue. Two phones and now my tablet have the same issue all in the ‘new’ app, no devices in the ‘basement’ room and all the devices associated with the basement are no longer shown. However, they exist in the Classic app and the IDE.

How many rooms do you have?

17 rooms, 2 groups but I haven’t added a group in a while.

Update after speaking with tech support, even though the automations were working and I could see the missing devices in IDE, I had to exclude then re-add all the offending devices. The technician also says I had not migrated my account, but I was an early beta tester in migration process, so that didn’t make sense. Not really sure what went wrong.

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Do you have a support ticket number?

I didn’t see this post until now but it sounds like it was a syncing issue that might have been addressable without removing devices.

Hi Brad. I usually get a ticket number via email but I didn’t for this session. I had two devices in my living room go missing over the weekend but they also were not in IDE which is a complete mystery. The smart lighting automatons were still there but the devices they were associated with were gone.

I’ll double check my inbox to see if they sent me the ticket number. I didn’t write it down at the end on my call. I can also DM you with my email address if you can pull it up that way.

This happened to me today but when I went to Rooms from the hamburger menu it was still listed there with it’s 3 devices. I had to create a new room, move the devices & I was then able to add the new room to the location.
I then deleted the problem room.
Thought I would share this solution for anyone else researching the problem & hope the developers will pick up on the issue.
I have 14 rooms & this one has the most devices if that is significant