Missing My SmartApp in new Hub

(Ule) #1

Hi, SmartThings has problems, I can’t login to my account by ios or android app, my dev account cant access to my device list or my smartapps list. I have sent the problem to support, but I dont think suppor will fix it soon.

I have created a new account with a new hub, but after install in IDE some smartapps, those does not appears in market.

I cant see the secction My Apps , no ios , no android.

Some other have this problem with a new instalation hub (v1) ?

My third hub is working fine, I’m going to link the new hub to that account instead the new one to install the needed smartapps, I hope ST fix the problem soon.

(Mike Elser) #2

If you created a new dev account, have tried to login into graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com? I know some new accounts are on a new node now.