SmartThings IDE says I have no hub

I just purchased and installed the latest generation Hub along with a few devices and set up automations in the SmartThings App on my iPhone. But when I log into IDE with the same Samsung account credentials it says I don’t have a hub and no smart apps. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

are you logging into IDE at ?

I thought so but when I used the link you provided it did show my Hub and Devices but none of the SmartApps I created in the app on my iPhone.

what smartapps? only custom apps would show in the My SmartApps section if that is where you are looking. To find stock smartapps, go to My Locations and click on the smartapps in your location.

I created custom automations in the SmartThings App on my iPhone. Those do not show up on the IDE SmartApps. Is the SmartApps section under Developer Tools on IDE referring to something else?. Thanks!

I am confused - above you mentioned installing SmartApps, now you are saying custom Automations. They are not the same thing. Custom Automations in the SmartThings (Samsubg Connect) app will not show up anywhere except that app.

Yes, the section under My SmartApps is for custom code from third-party developers. Not from SmartThings.

Got it, thanks!