New app, phones as presence sensors?

Will phones still work as presence sensors in the new app?

You need to enable use location services in Dashboard: settings. The sensors are separate for both apps. FYI… the sensor does not appear as a device in the Samsung Connect app.


Are you using iOS or Android? I’ve been experimenting with using the new app for mobile presence on iOS and it has not gone well. I previously thought it was working, but once I turned of location services for the Classic app it no longer updated.

iOS but I don’t use location services in the new app yet. Well, I did at first but it turned itself off after one of the updates and I never enabled it again.

sorry, meant question for the OP :slight_smile: I’ve also found with the new app in iOS that “Use location information” will turn itself off. Turning it back on then creates a duplicate mobile presence device (only visible in Classic app) and the old one stops updating. Quite the mess!

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I’m using iOS. I only have the new app installed on my iPad- just to see what it looks like. Im still going to use the classic app on my iPhone 10 until I’m forced to upgrade to the new app.

I also wonder if ady’s webCoRE presence sensor DTH will work?!?

IPhone 10?

Yes, iPhone 10