Classic app thermostat no longer shows mode

I’m using the classic app, standard thermostat device. It always used to show the mode (heat, cool, whatever) bottom-left, but now it’s just an empty white square.

Any idea what’s going on? This is on Android, latest classic app version.

It’s a known issue in the most recent Classic app update for Android.

Hi, are you planning to fix it?

It’s a known problem for a while.

Yes, the issue will be addressed in a future Classic app update.

Yea so at this point I couldn’t use any devices anymore. All of the icons were gone, and you guys still haven’t addressed it.

I ended up just downgrading to 2.17.x which solved it and will no longer update the app.

I have to assume this is planned obsolescence at this point, and unfortunately I will likely leave ST altogether in the future which is a bit sad, used to really like your platform.