Device recently/history view in classic vs. new app (Android)

Here’s the same device and a screenshot of the history - the classic on the left and new on the right. The new app is missing tiny feature – one of the things that makes the classic app so nice. When I scroll through the ‘recently’, it keeps the last date pinned at the top of the window. This means I can always see what date I’m looking at.
For devices that produce hundreds of events per day, this can be really useful for when you need to look through the history.

I split this off from a different thread. For tracking down that problem, I had to look back 3 days in the history of 40 devices. Having the date pinned to the top of the screen made that so easy. It would have been much more annoying in the new app to find events between 5PM and 6PM via scrolling.


Is the DH runs locally? Is it a stock DH?

Yes, this was a stock DTH running locally, but I’m not sure what difference that makes.

I’m talking about the way the app scrolls all the lines in the history and how the date stays in view. This is in the app, not the DTH.

Ok, sorry, I thought about your other issue. I understand your point, and that is quite good point.

@jody.albritton, @blake.arnold, could you have a look at the OP. That feature would be nice in the new app.

I flagged this for the product team to look at.


While I see the icons are being lost in the new app, please also reconsider the ease in which that bit of color helped to see what events happened on a device. For instance, here is an open/close sensor on a door – look how easy it is to see when the door was opened in the Classic app, and how hard it is to tell when the event happened in the new app.

If I was scrolling through the history looking for when an event happened, it would be easy to miss the event without the color.

(note - it is the color that helps here, not necessarily the icon)

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