Schlage works sometimes

My Schlage Camelot only notifies me sometimes. A door sensor and motion sensor near the lock both work flawlessly but the lock misses events frequently. Example: the lock is unlocked and I get notified fine. Next time it’s unlocked I get nothing. I don’t think it’s my configuration. It’s like the lock and hub don’t see each other all the time but other devices next to the lock see the hub all the time. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

The first thing you should try is a ZWave repair and examine the health of your zWave network.

Just a word of caution, zwave repair has been reported to bring mesh network to it’s knees. I would really think twice, and get with support first.
I have not had any problems wit my Slage lock. I have a notify set to tell me when the door UNLOCKS (only) my preference, so I always know if / when it is UNLOCKED.
Good luck.

I’m not sure what ZWave repair is or what it does but it doesn’t appear to be the network as all other devices including those in very close proximity to the lock, are working fine. Unless I don’t understand something here.

Personally I would play with delete and re adding the app or the device itself, Exclude and add back in; Starting over as the way you originally added the new device. The zwave repair network is accessed on the pull out menu portion of the App.selecting the HUB then ZWAVE utilities. THe 3rd option is Z-Wave repair network, I would NOT do that. Triebert and I agree - just take the device off and put it back in and see if that helps. :slight_smile: