Multiple ADT Panels for 1 Location?

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I know multiple people have mentioned this interest before, so I wanted to create a post about it. I switched from the SmartThings v2 Hub to the ADT hub. I have pretty happy with the performance and such of the ADT hub. I do subscribe to the ADT service offered. I am about to move to a MUCH larger home and would really like the ability to have multiple controllers/ADT screens throughout my home. I have contacted support and they said its a huge interest but they don’t know if it will happen or not.

I know that there are options like ADT Tools to add on keypads, but I think that the ease of use of the ADT panel is so much better. It shows when the system is armed or ready to arm, when doors and windows are open, and you can are/disarm/panic very easily. I like this because the majority of my guest don’t know or understand smart homes so having something so easy to use is important.

I assume that you can use Action Tiles, but I personally think that can get very messy and overwhelming for a guest. I also love the siren built into the panel because its very loud and I don’t have to add another device to my very large ST build.

My main concern is that the ADT system continues to get cheaper and cheaper from day 1. They have done multiple email sales for only this hub and now its at $150. This price, with no word on any updated version, makes me think that it is going to be discontinued. I could be wrong, just a gut feeling. I hate to go and buy two or three new panels and then find out they are discontinuing the panel and that the multi-panel option will never happen. I would be stuck with all of these useless devices and out quite a bit of money.

If anyone has any info on if this feature, please share!

The desire to have a secondary panel to do alarm activties on is a large part of why ADT Tools was created.

I think your best option is probably something like I ended up doing. Get a tablet and set it up to be a keypad with action tiles with security on the disarm button that is linked to ADT tools.

On that same panel in action tiles you should create tiles for each sensor. This will allow you to see the status of all of the alarm points so you would know if a problem occurs.

As far as panic buttons i would suggest the Smartthings ADT keychain. It isn’t really a great tool for security as it takes it down to a sinlge button, but it will let you send a panic alarm from anywhere in the house.

I agree this isn’t optimal, but until ADT creates the option to actually have a second panel it is about the best option.


@625alex and I are always looking for feedback to continuously improve ActionTiles - especially if we can make it less “messy and overwhelming”; we appreciate your ideas because it takes real customers to share accurate perspectives.

We’re looking into using the Tablet’s speakers for alerts. If they aren’t loud enough, then a small external speaker would help (via Bluetooth or the headset jack) - but, I agree… This isn’t as streamlined as the ADT Panel itself.

Flexibility has costs & complexity…

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Never purchase something based on hope for a non-existent feature - even if that feature is “promised”.


The cost is actually coming down to $99 on the Samsung Black Friday sale.

No word on what that might mean. It might mean they’re going to discontinue the entire project. On the other hand, it might mean that ADT is happy with it as a competitor to Amazon/ring and NEST and they are willing to subsidize the initial hardware cost, which, after all, is their business model with all the other ADT lines.

So we will just have to wait-and-see.


ActionTiles was specifically designed to make ST easy for family and guests. If there’s something that we missed please let us know. If you need some guidance, we have some good support materials too.