Minneapolis Meetup/Workshop - May 28th, 2015

(April Wong) #1

Hi Everyone!!

I know you’ve asked for it, so we delievered:

The Developer Platform team (aka, us) will be at Minneapolis at the end of May. I’d like to invite you all to come visit, check out our new office, and most importantly, take the time to pick the brains of our engineers. Bring in your SmartApps, and device types, and work along-side them. Or, better yet, bring in a device, and we’ll work with you on creating the integration.

We’ll also do an advanced workshop, since our most brilliant minds will be here in one space, all at the same time. Personally? I’d like to see more lock integrations, and I truly believe that the best community members + our best engineers will make some magic happen.

Space is limited, so RSVP as soon as you can!

(Brian Steere) #2

I’ll be there, but as a SmartThings employee. It’ll be my second week :smiley:

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #3

Sweet. I’ll be there.

I’ll bring down my broken Yale Zigbee lock (motor is broken) and see what we can do with it :smile:

Might bring some Control4 stuff down too :slight_smile:

I assume we will need to have an unofficial after meetup session somewhere nearby as well? I’d invite you all to my place, but I don’t think the wife would appreciate it.

(Tim Slagle) #4

Congrats my friend!

(April Wong) #5

Haha! I’m sure there’ll be a follow up somewhere. I heard those MPLS kids know how to party.

(Eric) #6

UGH! The exact week I am in the Bay area!!! Drats…

(April Wong) #7

What!!! Nooo! I would have loved to show you around our PA office Eric! Quick! change it to Minneapolis!

Any chance you’ll be back to the bay area soon? :frowning:

(Eric) #8

Would have loved to see the local office and say howdy. I am down in the Bay area there for a security conference so yeah…

I am back to the bay every so often. In any event, have a great time…there is much to do in Minneapolis! I would have invited you our to our neck of the woods in Stillwater for a scenic St Croix river cruise for the group!

(Tim Slagle) #9

Hope ya’all have fun. Thursday doesn’t work for me or I would of driven down(or up?) :slight_smile: I’ll meet ya’all at some other time im sure!! :smile:

(April Wong) #10


Come hang out with us sometime the week of :). I’ll be there tuesday-fri.

(Tim Slagle) #11

I was thinking something like this :smile:

(Jeff DeWolfe) #12

Are you ok with me showing up? I’m not a coder, but would say an avid ST user. I’ve RSVP’ed, if not, you can cancel me. :smile:

(April Wong) #13

You’ll be absolutely welcomed. swing by :slight_smile: It’d be fun to tag along and also learn from the best, regardless. :slight_smile:


(Jeff DeWolfe) #14

I completely agree, thanks @April! I’m going to get @feixiao to come with too!

(John Rucker) #15

@April, I have a new ZigBee device (custom hardware) with a completed custom device type I would like to have certified by SmartThings I live in Illinois and would be very happy to drive up if this will give me a leg up on getting it certified.


(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #16

@JohnR we could also spend some time hacking around on some control4 stuff too :slight_smile: bring your zigbee sniffer if you swing up.

(John Rucker) #17

That sound like a great idea. The sniffer I use is one I wrote in C# and its not really a sniffer. Its primary goal is to listen to ZigBee traffic like a sniffer but unlike a real sniffer I can easily send commands to devices to read attributes and such. It will work great if the control 4 device can join a SmartThings network. However, if the device wont join for some reason then we will need a real sniffer to see what is going on.

I will port it over to my laptop and plan on bringing it up.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #18

All the control4 stuff can join ST, just hard to figure it out from there. I have been able to reverse some, but not all of the command sets.

(John Rucker) #19

Oh yea I remember working with you on some of these devices. If they have proprietary clusters or proprietary attributes we may not get far. But I’m willing to give it a try.

(Jeff DeWolfe) #20

Some beers may help the process too! :smile: