Happy Hour with SmartThings: Happiest Hour

(April Wong) #1

Hi All! If you’re in Palo Alto next week, we are hosting a Happy hour with the Platform Development team. Come meet Dora and her team here! RSVP on happiesthour.splashthat.com .

I’ll be updating on where exactly on the next few days!

See you all there.

(Andrew Mager) #2

Actual hyperlink: http://happiesthour.splashthat.com

(Joe) #3

Any Minneapolis events coming up?

(Jim Anderson) #4

@JoeC this is a great idea. I’ve been thinking the same thing - we need to do something in Minneapolis soon.

(April Wong) #5

in august! The whole team will be there!

(Brian Smith) #6

Damn…us right-coasters are left out of all the fun!

(April Wong) #7

Brian! Our ambassadors will be hosting meet ups soon too!