Full day meetup with early customers?

I think ST should consider doing a meetup in VA or PA for early customers to get live feedback, do some hands-on development collaboration, discuss roadmap, etc…

@rickbullotta – Thanks for the suggestion, I totally agree. We hosted a couple of events like that in DC and Minneapolis (where our offices and most of our people are) early in the year, and they’re something that we’d definitely plan to continue to do. There’s nothing on the calendar yet, but it’ll probably be late Fall before we’ll be able to put something together at one or both of our offices. We’ll make announcements through the Build blog and SmartThings Developer Update emails once we get something planned.

Cool. I’m in Philly, so DC’s very doable.

I’m in WI and would probably travel to MSP if something was held there!

An MSP event would be easiest for us :stuck_out_tongue:

Jeff, come visit anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that sounds like a good idea. I’ve got a few coworkers that might be interested in that too. Urman, I assume you are in MSP? What about Dan and Danny?

Dan is in Seattle or simultaneously in every state at once

Danny is in DC

We’re in MSP

Are the SmartThings crew in MSP mostly ex-Digi?

Sign me up. All three of us in the office participated in the kick-off meeting and I came up for the second round of research. All three of us will be happy to do it again. We’ll just be sure to drive a little slower since Rob got a ticket from one of those cameras.