Come hack on the SmartThings platform! 5/21 - 5/22

Hi everyone!

I’m from the Samsung Accelerator, and we’re throwing a hack-a-thon with SmartThings May 21-22. There will be hardware, knowledgeable experts from SmartThings and Samsung, prizes, and food. Come flex your skills and make something great.

We’re hosting at the Samsung Research America campus in Mountain View, with a shuttle from San Francisco if you need it.

It promises to be a great event - I hope to see you there!


It’s gonna be a blast!

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I put my £££ on less than 15 minutes …

Well??? :slight_smile:
I saw a few tweets…tell us more! What did people come up with!
Sure, for a brief moment I want to live vicariously through people half way across the country…
but inquiring minds want to know!

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It was a lot of fun! Here are the winning projects, we awarded prizes to teams in 4 categories.

Best consumer app
Mi Casa - Utilizing chatbot integration with SmartThings to make your home smarter and more efficient using sensors and outside data such as weather.
Runner up: CMU - A system to set the ambient environment to match a location of your choice. Want to visit Hawaii during your lunch break? They’ve got you covered.

Best enterprise app
Orgus - seismic alerts for neighborhoods and business owners using smart home sensors. Orgus allows you to protect your business and inventory
using USGS data.
Runner up: Smart Store - tracking tools for small businesses to give you insights in to helpful data like customer traffic through your door.

Most innovative
Mood Room - allows you to set lighting and sound to match your mood from a one touch mobile app.
Runner up: Schminder - Location based smart reminders and calendar management.

Most interconnected (best, most effective use of 3rd party APIs and data sources)
Chewie - Google mood recognition and setting smart home to accommodate how you feel.
Runner up: SAM - Smart concierge for AirBNB, allowing an AirBNB host to use the Alexa and other devices to create a convenient experience for both host and guest.

Best in show: Mi Casa

The RSVP site has also been updated with tons of photos: