Minneapolis Workshop @ 09/03/2015

Hi Everyone!

We’re coming back to Minneapolis, MN again!

Are you a software developer interested in IoT? We can’t wait to meet you on September 3rd! Come hang out, learn what is new with the SmartThings Platform and how to write your first SmartApp. So come meet the SmartThings team, eat some ice-cream with Jim, and bring your laptop! Let’s code together! It’s going to be a ton of fun!

@pstuart will be joining us to run a live-coding session!

RVSP today!

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@April when do we have the pleasure of meeting your highness and the gang in the NY/NJ area? We will roll out a red carpet! :slight_smile:

Bah, have to do some late work that night…grrr.

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So we got your b’day and year (from your alias)… SSN is still missing. :slight_smile: to get the v2.

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yay!!! Happy Birthday, my friend! :slight_smile:

@smart unfortunately I’ll be over in Berlin… If anyone attending IFA… I will be there. :slight_smile:

PM me your flight details… Will see you there… :wink:

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@April if you ever do this in Chicago can you please put me on your list!! Thanks.

:open_mouth: I’m pretty sure I’m headed to Chi-town beginning of November for a wedding. Although, if there’s tons of interest, I can possibly do a meetup/workshop there!

Well count me as one person interested in a Chicago meetup!!

Hi April - I’m excited to learn more about Smart Things - I’ll watch the community space here and wondered if there are any local groups or informal meet ups in the Twin Cities area for the rest of the fall?

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April, are you still thinking Chicago Meetup at all? I’m out of town the first week of Nov, but back on the weekends, and would like to attend if something is planned.

Yea Illinois!! I’m in for Chicago as well down town in the loop or close has my vote.

I am from Chicago and will be in the area at the end of the year. I’d love to do something when I am there! I’ll see what I can make happen. Maybe we’ll just grab some drinks with everyone in the area. :smile:

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Well I live down state but my wife and I are always looking for excuse to go to Chicago. Please count me in. We will get a hotel downtown “she will go shopping” and I will have a drink!

@tslagle13 Tim, if your looking for a place to meet in Chicago take a look at the Pumping Station at 3519 N. Elston Ave. Last year ShopBot hosted a meeting there and we drove up for that. Its kind of close to downtown and they have room for 20 or so people. Its a true hackerspace not fancy but they have a lot of cool equipment I think people would enjoy seeing.

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@bmike, @rob_gore I encourage you to create one! Let us know, we’ll send you some spiffy swag stuff to support it.

Rob, Chi-town has a place in my heart, and I’m very sad I’m not going there as planned - (was going to go 11/15/16), as I have to go across the world instead. You’ll just have to come out here to the bay area for SDC next year ;).

Thanks @April. @tslagle13 any chance you’d be on-board to make something happen at end of year? I’m not a great “organizer” of events… but I’d love to be involved somehow!

OK. I’ll ping you if/when we reach enough interest to organize locally ourselves. Thanks @April for the encouragement.

I will be there between the 15th and the 28th of December. I know that’s holiday season but could definitely come join you guys.

I’d be interested in an informal Twin Cities meet up if anyone else is interested. I’m curious to find out how others are using ST in my area.

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