Mimolite for garage door and magnetic door contact

I’ve been able to setup the mimolite device to open and close my garage door but have been unable to setup the contact switch. I have the potter amseco magnetic contact (Potter Amseco ODC-59A Overhead Door Switch) wired up. I followed the instructions from the ST site but it won’t recognize the switch. Can anyone provide any advice on what I need to do next? Thanks in advance!


It has been broken for three and a half months. We are still waiting for a fix:

The MimoLite Garage Door Controller device type has been published. This device type is detected during the “connect new device” operation. The device is specifically made to operate as a Garage Door Controller with contact switch as found at:


Note* don’t forget to set the jumper as instructed on the above page.

Once the device is installed, you must push the “configure” tile in the device detail page. This adjusts the momentary time and set’s it to display status tile on power loss.

A good contact for this device is found at:

Again, thanks to @cesaldar as the device was based on his MimoLite works.




Fortrezz blocks links to their web page. Here is what you are referencing:



I excluded my MIMOlite and included it back and it detected it as a z-wave switch. I went into the IDE and selected “MimoLite Garage Door Controller” manually.

I hit the “configure” button as you suggest. However, it seems as if the momentary logic is no longer working. I’ll go back and start from the beginning to make sure P5 is set correctly.


Any update? It should find it as a MimoLite during pairing process. Hmmmm? After you get it installed, please post a screenshot of the “Show Device” screen so I can see the “raw description”

Thanks in advance


Sorry, working on other things.

Here is the “show device” screen:

Z-Wave Switch Device Garage Door
Name Z-Wave Switch
Label Garage Door
Type MimoLite Garage Door Controller
Version Published
Device Network Id 40
Hub Home
Group Garage
Last Activity At 7 Oct 2014 15:48:12
Date Created 6 Oct 2014 15:31:19
Last Updated 6 Oct 2014 15:49:29
Data [manufacturer:FortrezZ LLC, endpointId:0]
Raw Description 0 0 0x1000 0 0 0 9 0x72 0x86 0x71 0x30 0x31 0x35 0x70 0x85 0x25
Current States
switch: doorClosing
contact: open
powered: powerOn
Events List Events
In Use By SmartApps
Garage Door (New Door)
Door Garage Open When Home
Door Alert If Left Open
Door Garage Control

The state seems flakey. Right now it says it is closing, but it is open.

Unfortunately, my garage has something that seems to interfere with Z-Wave signal and I am not sure if this is a symptom. I’ve done six Z-Wave repairs and each get different results. I’m trying to collect logs and get back to support on the Z-Wave issues.

So don’t burn yourself out over this because it may be a mesh issue.

Thanks again for contributing your device code!

I have the same issue. The main icon seems to report the state of the momentary switch to show the state of the door during the open/close sequence. This is fine but when the door has been open/closed for a bit of time, the icon should update to show the state of the contact sensor, not the momentary switch. The contact sensor is what matters as that shows the state of the door, open or closed. The state of the door (opening/closing) is hard to predict by using the momentary switch because it is only a brief toggle to trigger the door open/close sequence. Once the momentary switch is pressed and released, the MIMOLite has no idea if it is opening or closing.

In the closed state, the momentary switch is open and the contact sensor is closed which tells ST the door is closed.

Push the icon and it causes the momentary switch to “click” (close and release to open state) and starts the door opening sequence. The momentary switch is now back to it’s “open” state as the door opens. It remains there until the user pushes the momentary switch again to close the door.

The contact sensor on the MIMOLite will eventually be “open” when the door stops at the top of it’s travel (for me, this is as soon as the door opens as the contact sensor is at the bottom of the door).

The icon in the app seems to show the state of the contact sensor for a short time, but when you touch the “refresh” it refreshes with the state of the momentary switch which is “open” at all times except briefly when it is touched by the user to kick off the door opening/closing sequence. What the main icon on the app needs to reflect is the status of the contact sensor, not the momentary switch. This state can be found under “activity” which shows the contact sensor in the “closed” or “open” position and is always accurate (so we know it is available to ST to read).

The state of the momentary switch is irrelevant as it is only ever briefly “closed” when the door open/close sequence is started.

Is it possible to update the app with the main icon showing the state of the contact sensor? This would solve the issue I believe.

Hey guys - I bought one of these puppies - I had the same challenge (stuck saying “opening”). My setup is a little different. I have a tilt sensor on the door (that works really well) and when I chose to configure the door - I added it and chose the option on the bottom that said ‘change the name and devices’ and picked the MIMO for the relay, and the Tilt for the sensor. It now shows the status right (and I will test it to see if it keeps reporting the status).

I want to know how I can use that O/C sensor on the MIMO for a different door! I was hoping to be able to wire it up to watch another door for me. Has anyone ever done that kind of thing?

I’m having the same issue – using the ST’s type “MimoLite Garage Door Controller” and reporting incorrect info after a refresh. Anyone know if there is source of this device type available? I would like to fix the issue but don’t want to start from scratch writing a new device type.

I seem to be missing something. I have created and re-created the garage door multiple times in every configuration I can think of. The Device in the “Things” collection seems to work exactly as expected both relay and status, I like the “Actuate” when the relay is active. Using MimoLite as the relay and status. However when I add a garage door to “Doors & Locks” it shows the correct status but when I tap on the door it does not activate the relay and I don’t get the “Actuate” status. it goes directly to “Opening” or “Closing” but the door does not move.

So, to simplify, I can open and close the garage door from the “Things” collection, but not from the “Doors & Locks” collection. Both “Things” and “Doors & Locks” show the correct status.

If your Garage Door in the “Doors & Locks” is working, how is it configured? This is using the MimoLite for both control and status.

Is anyone using this configuration successfully? Can we get access to the code?

@mb323 I am having the exact same issue as you. The Mimolite Garage Door device type will allow me to open and control the garage door in the “Things” section although the state is not correct and the configure button does nothing. In doors and locks I can get it to show me the correct state (I’m just using a smartthings open/close sensor), however tapping the button does nothing. I am guessing it has something to do with how the device type is coded switch/momentary, but I’m not really sure. @wackware is there any way to get access to the Mimolite Garage Door device type code to see if we can figure something out? Thanks a lot!

This device type is written assuming you have it wired like in the diagram above. Do you have the magnetic contact installed?

The momentary switch can only control the actuate/opening and closing. The contactor is what causes the closed/open states.

Make sense?

@twack I guess that explains it then. I am not using a magnetic contact, I am just using a smartthings contact sensor. I did find out that if I use the Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch device type someone else mentioned in another post for my Mimo then everything works. So ultimately I got it working. Is there any advantage to the magnetic contact wired to the mimo vs what I’m doing? Thanks a lot!

It’s tomato / tomahto. Depends what setup you have. Some people already have the magnetic contact and garage door opener installed, so this was to address that scenario.

As far as being better… hmmm. I guess the fact that its a physical contactor circuit to say its closed might be a bit better. I know with my st-multi based open/cosed, I some times get false “opening/closing” due to wind.

My garage is not heated and in the winter I don’t want to change batteries in the cold. And most devices will get flaky when real cold because most batteries aren’t rate at extreme cold applications. A wired solution is more dependable in this case.

In a warm climate, this isn’t as compelling.


I still have an issue with state. Six minutes after the door is closed I get a garage door “switch is doorOpening” activity. Dashboard indicates it is closed, but go to things and it shows opening.

I suspect I never got it paired fully and need to uninstall and reinstall but haven’t had time to get to it. It functions otherwise.

@beckwith Good point that I hadn’t thought about. I am still pretty new to ST so I haven’t had to change any batteries yet. On the upside in my case is that I live in Guam so the temperature in my garage has never fallen below about 85 degrees. :smile: I might pick up a magnetic sensor anyway just to play with. Plus I can always use a wireless contact sensor somewhere else. Thanks for the info guys!

Wackware, yes I am using the magnetic contact switch as show in the diagram. It works from the things collection but not from the doors and locks, in doors and locks it shows the correct state but you cannot control the door.

When you refresh the device in the things collection it will go to “opening” state as mentioned above even though nothing is happening with the door.

I guess my question is should it be controllable from the doors and locks collection? I know I can control my other locks from there.