Garage Door Automation with Mimolite

I would like to use a Mimolite to open/close and provide the status of a garage door via Smartthings.

So far this is what I’ve done:

  1. I have added this Device Handler to my IDE

  2. I have paired the Mimolite to Smartthings.

  3. I have wired the Mimolite as follows:

I can open and close the garage door using my mobile Smartthing Classic App. However, I am not getting the proper status of the door. Is there something else that needs to be done in order to see the proper status in Smartthings?

Any comments/suggestions?

I believe that in order for the Mimolite to provide that you have to have the magnetic contacts.

You’d probably be better off with a separate tilt sensor than using the magnetic contacts. Once the contacts “break” you don’t really know the true door status. The door could have lifted a couple feet and stopped, and that would look like “open” to the contacts. (Which I guess it is, but you get the point.)

The reason I chose the magnetic contacts is because I thought it was the surest way of detecting that the garage door is fully closed. If it’s not fully closed, it would show as open. I think I prefer that over the reverse.

Does anyone have a similar setup that indicates the proper door status? So far I’ve just paired the Mimolite with Smarthings. It shows up in the ST app as a “thing”. I wonder if I need to set something else in the ST App, e.g. Automation/Routine/Smartapp…

All comments/suggestions welcome.

As I mentioned above, the open/close function works (i.e., I can open and close the door) but it is not displaying the correct status of the door. I would like to remove and re-add the Mimolite in case that would help.

Are these the right steps:

  1. Exclude the Mimolite from the Smartthings App.
  2. Reset the Mimolite by holding the programing switch for longer than 15 seconds.
  3. Add the Mimolite as a device in the Smartthings APP.

Do I need to remove and reinstall the device handler? If so, when should this be done?

Thank you for any suggestions/comments.

I’m almost ready to give up on this…But before I do, I’d be interested in knowing whether there is any fellow poster who actually got the Mimolite to show the status of the garage door using the wiring diagram provided by the manufacturer at this link:

If someone actually has that working, I would be interested in knowing so that at least I know it can be done. Even a simple response like:

  • Mine works; or
  • I tried but I couldn’t get mine to work either;
    would be helpful.

Thank you!

Yup, you bet! I used my own DTH and ST’s stock handler using this exact diagram, and even that type of magnet sensor. All this was done in the Classic app, and then I moved on to the Linear opener. I kinda wish I stayed with the Mimolite to be honest. Unfortunately I don’t have the Mimolite anymore.

What device handler are you using? ST’s handler is called this: (available in the drop down list when editing a device in the IDE)


I have not maintained my code for this device in 3 years, so I can’t ensure this will work with the new app. If you want to try my old code, here you go:

Good discussion for reference if you haven’t seen this yet: (a few others exist too)

“I have not maintained my code for this device in 3 years, so I can’t ensure this will work with the new app. If you want to try my old code, here you go”

John as of August 2020 your coding still works (directly as a copy and paste) for the Fortrezz MimoLite with contact switch. Cheers

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Are there any detailed instructions on how to use this code, what I need to do, what the code does? I have the Mimolite and in ST it created a switch. But it takes 2 taps on each operation, not just one. I know I am missing something and not piecing this together right. I was hoping I don’t need the magnetic contacts to get this working as I have a tilt sensor. But I will buy them if that’s the only way to get this to work with mimo.