Looking for some assistance with a MIMOLite & MIMO+

I have two different MIMO’s that I’m looking for assistance with.

  1. MIMOLite: This is currently setup as a basic gas fireplace controller. This is half way working, z-wave control works to turn on/off the fireplace but I’d also like the physical SIG1 switch to work (even if there is double toggling). I can see the switch changes being registered in Live Logging but I can’t figure out how to get anything to happen on these events, nothing has worked.
  2. MIMO+: I would like to configure this as a sensor only (no relay) for my two garage doors using the Amseco ODC-59A sensors. I just want reporting so I can do other automation on the doors being opened/closed, I don’t want to control their opening/closing. I’ve tried taking the MIMO+ devicetype and adjusting it based on the code in the Fortezz Garage Door devicetype but so far I’m failing.

Anyone able to give me a hand and hopefully point me in the direction of what I’m missing?