FortrezZ MIMOlite Garage Door Controller

I have a installation question about the FortrezZ MIMOlite. I am using it to open/close my garage door. I followed their install and device handler guilds and it opens and closes as you would expect. However when you open/close it shuts off the wall mounted garage door switch and it wont work unless you hit open/close button again in the SmartThings App. The magnetic sensor shows when the door is open and closed. I removed and reinstalled the jumper P5 and it made no difference with the garage door wall switch.

FortrezZ MIMOlite Garage Door Controller
Magnetic overhead door sensor.
SmartThings Classic App

FortrezZ MIMOlite install guild

FortrezZ MIMOlite device handler latest commit cb3c26d on Jul 1, 2019 which is the latest verion I can find.

Thanks in advance

Here’s a picture of the wiring on the MIMOlite.

Did you reset the device and re-pair the device when you did this? It does need to be reset after the jumper change for it to switch momentary on/off.

I did not at first but after removing the device from my hub/network resetting and powering off the controller and then adding the device and updating the handler it made no difference.

The opener works fine within the classic app. The issue is when using the SmartThings app to open the garage door the wall switch loses power, its a door bell that lights up. The only way the switch regains the power is if I click the on/off button in the app.

Do you think its the way I wired the MIMOLite controller and the wall switch?

I believe I wired it in parallel according to their install guild. In the picture above you can see that the set of white wires that are twisted together, one side is coming directly from the wall switch (doorbell) and then the other goes to the garage door opener motor.

Thanks for the replay.

Ok so I removed the device from network again and reset and powering off the controller and then removed the P5 jumper. I rewired how the MIMOlite controller ties into the wall doorbell switch and the garage door motor. The power for the wall switch now does not pass through the MIMOlite controller.

I added the MIMOlite controller back to my network and updated the device handler and it still turns off the power to the wall switch when you use the app to open the garage door and it wont restore the wall switch power until you tap the on/close again in the SmartThings app.

Shouldn’t the wall switch and the MIMOlite controller work independently of each other.

Does anyone know why this is happening?