Goodbye Vera Edge!

I just tried the smarttiles dashboard. It’s not really a full web app like Vera. It’s so ugly :slight_smile: and I uninstalled it.

There’s a way to change the look of it. Something about css files, I’ve never actually tried it.
You could also build your own custom interface. Take a look at

It requires a little tinkering, but you can get it done.

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Thanks Keo for pointing out all of the third party solutions. Hopefully ST will implement the full web app later. I don’t know if it’s in their road map.

I am still getting familiar with the mobile app. I odd thing I just found was that I can’t find a way to remove an item in Smart Home Monitor. I accidentally added Security into Smart Home Monitor. When I tried to uninstall it, it said it can’t be undone.

Some more limitations:

  • Can’t have multiple users with different access control levels like in Vera
  • Video streaming does not work with Foscam cameras. It only supports couple Dlink and Samsung cameras. I have 3 Foscam and 1 Panasonic cameras
  • Garage door control: I have Mimolite and Ecolink Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor to implement the Garage door function in VeraEdge. From my reading so far, new ST garage door function is missing

Looks like I still need to keep VeraEdge around for awhile.

Hi @binhton,

The new Garage door function is turned into a room.

I have tested this myself.

  1. Create a room named “Garage”
  2. Add the garage door relay/control module and the SmartThings Multi/Tilt sensor.
  3. “Select the Feature Device” to be the main device displayed when you open the room on top. The primary device should be the door sensor and Not the relay.
  4. Press the primary device when you open the room and Whalla, your garage door opens and tells you its status.
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Thanks Imosenko. I plan to try out this Mimolite for garage door and magnetic door contact since I have the exact devices (Mimolite and magnetic contact). Is there any difference between that and your method?

SmartThings Muti is in my opinion ideal for Garage door monitoring. As it has a g-force sensor, enabling it to know both if the door is moving and if its angle has changed(like the tilt sensor.)

I received my ST hub on Friday! I paired all my devices, and I’m loving it. The hub responds fast to commands, location services works, and the notifications are simple but informative. These are things I didn’t have with the Vera Edge. Can’t wait to start integrating more devices and services with it.


How do you " Select the Feature Device"? thats a bit fuzz for me. I cant get mine to open correctly. I can open it but Its as if i have to turn on the relay and then it works but the button on my garge does not work. Could I have set up the relay wrong?

“Garage Door” device name is the ST Multi Sensor o the Tilt sensor.

Also, you will need to make changes to the device type. Look in my post for garage door automation with linear relay and gate

Ok so I did everything. But now the door sensor say opening when i click on it and nothing happens? if hit the garage opener it will open the door and not interfere with the physical button on the garage( and it says its ON for sec then the app says the relay is off while the garge is still closing ). But know i dont know if the gargage is open or not? I do have the opener wire directly into the opener ( like the video on the smart things how to videos )and do not have old remote it is hooked up to cause a new one is so over priced. Could not using a old remote have something to do with it?

@Seven7 Did you change the device types in the IDE for the relay and the sensor?

here it is. So i changed it under my devices should I have done it under My Device Types in the web interface?

Correct. Also change the device type for the relay. PM me if you are having a problem and we can troubleshoot in the evening.

I’m going to throw this out there sense your new. I love the idea of rule based execution. Here is a web interface building rules/actions in smart things: search “Simple Rule Builder” on the forum and you will find a lot about it. Its been fantastic for me.

For the life of me, I cant figure out why SmartThings wont build a web interface and a rule builder.


Hey Jim! Are you still interested in buying my Edge??

I continue to be a vera lite user. I bought ST so I could easily connect my hue hub and zwave switches to Amazon Echo (which I and my family love). I have 3 zwave light bulbs (linearlinc bulbz) that I wasn’t able to connect using the standard ST hub processes and so I have left those three lights, my garage door, two kwickset locks, my motion detection and misc smaller items on vera. If I can get it to work adequately on Vera and have no need for it to connect to Alexa, I will probably put it on vera. For my alerts such as door opening and closing I use Vera Alerts which really love and provides me exactly what i need/want. At this time I don’t have any plans to leave vera as I am comfortable with the menus and capabilities there for now and the ease to add most new zwave devices…but frustrated with interfaces to wemo (I bought one wemo plug to test out Echo) and hue hub. I love having both ST and vera and will continue to explore both of their capabilities as times go on.


agora que você tem o SmartThungs v2 acredito que possa me dizer se o produto é bom ou não!? Você ainda usa o Edge, ou vendeu?



Now that you have the SmartThings v2 believe you can tell me if the product is good or not !? You still use the Edge, or sold?

I sold my Vera, that was about a year ago. I really enjoy my ST. Lots of flexibility, but it needs some more work in the reliability area. Overall it’s a good product.


I swapped my Vera smart hub for SmartThings, too! I agree that Vera is nice but it’s no where near to ST.