Working MIMOlite Device Type with Sensor

two things:

  1. is the mimolite powered by an external adapter or wired in to the doorbell system?
  2. what are you using for the activated relay? i’m having issues with false positives and wonder if this might be my answer?

@gorf - my doorbell wiring uses 16V AC and the MIMOlite I received can only be powered by DC. The first runs of MIMOlite could be powered by AC or DC but not the newer ones, which I was pretty annoyed about because when I actually placed my order their online spec sheet clearly said “AC or DC” and when it turned up with a manual that said otherwise it was unexpected. Anyway, I have my unit being powered by 13.5V DC. The relay I am using is “HH62P LY2 AC 12V Coil 8-Pin DPDT Red LED Electromagnetic Relay” from amazon. It says 12v on it but it works fine in my setup.

Thanks guys about all the Mimolite clues; I did a straightforward integration for now without creating my own device type.

That said, I have SmartThings multi’s on my doors for open/closed state. Could I modify the device script in some way to get the MimoLite to be the switch and the multi the sensor? I’d have to set the multi relationship in the dashboard as well, wouldn’t want to hard code it for each door…

@wackware is the type named “MimoLite Garage Door Controller” that you originally wrote? I’m using this device type but its experiencing an odd issue when showing state – works good until the first refresh after you open or close the garage. E.g., if you close the garage door is says “closing”, then “closed” once it’s closed – but if you press refresh it changes to “opening” even though nothing is really happening (the door isn’t really opening). The state icon stays in this in correct state. So it would seem that however the “refresh” is getting its state, its not quite correct.

I’d like to look at fixing but need to find the device type source code.

I’ll look at it tonight/tomorrow. Are you using it with the hardwired contact sensors and the jumper in the momentary position?

@wackware Yes wired as shown in post #46 above. The MIMOLite was configured with momentary (jumper removed before powering on and joining hub). It opens / closes fine when you press the icon – and displays the correct icon/status as its opening / closing the door and displays correct status immediately after as opened or closed… but as I said, once a refresh occurs, the status then says “Opening” when it said “closed” before the refresh.

This thread seems to be talking about the same issue: Mimolite for garage door and magnetic door contact

Not sure if it will help but this is what the states show:

switch: doorOpening
contact: closed
powered: powerOn

It seems that the icon on the mobile app is showing the “switch” state (which represents the garage door button) instead of the contact state which is closed.

Thanks all for your hard work on coding this device.

I’ve added mine as the “MIMOLite Garage Door Controller” type and it is reporting the power state (“On”) correctly. Will it automatically send me a push notification if power is lost, or do I need to set that up within the Dashboard / add a SmartApp?

I’ve looked around for a suitable SmartApp and haven’t been able to find one.

@cbrookes - if I wire the mimolite before the transformer, would I still need a relay? I don’t suppose you have a schematic of how you wired everything up do you? You’re doing exactly what I want to do. My doorbell is 16v AC also.

I’m sorry I don’t have a schematic. I considered wiring the door bell right in to the SIG1 on the MIMOlite, because the specifications say “up to 24v” but it does say DC and not AC. I was worried I might damage the MIMOlite if I sent the 16VAC in to the SIG1. I am not an engineer so I don’t really know what the consequences would be and I figured it would be easy and cheap enough to wire in a relay to keep that AC voltage away from the mimolite.

This is my current hang up as well - how to keep the low VAC from the doorbell transformer as a power source for the MIMOlite. I’m not the best at coming up with solutions for off the cuff low voltage work arounds, so any guidance on how to achieve DC to the MIMOlite from the doorbell transformer would be appreciated!

I did a bit more research and found something even I could understand, unless someone says otherwise :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Check out the Altronix AL624 power supplies. They look to fit the bill for the MIMOlite and small enough to fit in small areas. Better yet they’re cheap and easily available to buy stateside

I micro’d my doorbell and have constant 20VAC (no surprise) at the doorbell, which falls into the input range of the AL624 and is switch configurable to output 12VDC @ 1.2A

Hope this helps others!

This device type code solution worked best for me: Mimolite for garage door and magnetic door contact

I am new to this forum where do I copy this code to ? do I need an APP first ? I have mimo switch and the wireless tilt sensor.i don’t see a device type for the mimolte device mine was recognized as a recept.

Start With These Informational reads/sites. =D

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I have the MIMOLite device installed and everything works as designed except for after I close the door after about 10 minutes it reports it on the tile as “opening” even though its not. Any idea as to why it’s doing this or how I can fix it?

Thank you to the op with code. Works for my use of controlling my fireplace and retaining the local switch functionality. Sad to see that this device has been out for years and has yet to have an official ST device controller for it.

I have a Mimolite hooked up to my garage door. I have this module pulled into my SmartThings hub. I also have a EcoLink garage door tilt switch I would like to use for status. I have been pouring over threads the past 3 days trying to figure out how to get my Mimolite to use the garage tilt for the open/close status. I do not want to use the wired input on the Mimolite to provide said status.

I have tried changing device handlers to a couple different ones throughout the community and utilizing the one provided but none have given me the option to change the device used for status.

I would be forever grateful if someone could assist me with the problem. I have read every single post I can find related to this topic and have been unable to find the solution. If there is already a solution available to on the forums if someone can post a link I would be equally grateful.

I’m at the point that I literally have the wired sensor sitting in my cart on Amazon.

The MIMOLite and the tilt sensor are separate devices in ST, so you could write a virtual DTH that combines them, and then a SmartApp that monitors the physical devices and updates the virtual, and visa versa to control the door - or, just get a wired sensor. That’s what I did and it’s been working great for 2+ years.

Does a this “virtual” container affect whether the actual devices run local or not?

So if on my garage door I have a zwave relay that runs local and a tilt sensor that runs local, can I show them in this virtual dth and still have the underlying devices run local?

If so, how do I do this?