Disaster Recovery - If ST Hub dies

All, new to ST and just trying to cover some bases.

I know that there is no Backup/Restore functionality yet in ST Hub. I also not most of the processing is in the cloud. But I assume that 90% of the device associations and state is in the Hub itself. If that is true, will adding a Minimote or other handheld controller as a secondary controller store most of this information ? That way in case you have to replace the hub, you wont lose all your configuration and have to setup the new hub from scatch ?

No. Unfortunately.


Actually, for many users, most of the processing is in the SmartThings Cloud.

Sadly, this hasn’t helped make migration to a replacement Hub any easier.

Have you or anyone you know had to replace a Hub ? How bad is it ?

Many discussions on this; … some old starting points that were convenient (Hub v1 to Hub v2 is essentially the same problem as from a v2 to a replacement v2).

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My hub died about a year ago. I have 250+ devices. Wasn’t fun.