Correct way of migrating from V1 to V2 Hub - V2 Not discoverable at the moment in Mobile App

So as the topic subject says, I bought a used V2 Hub with some smartthings multipurpose sensors off ebay for a bargain.

At the moment I have a V1 Hub (and all boxed sensors which came in the introductory home pack - so all of them are presumably first generation). correctly working with 1 location, 1 Smart Multipurpose(v1) , 1 Smartthings Motion and 1 Arrival Sensor. All of these sensors are working correctly, and I have been able to add some custom smart apps, to connect smartthings to my homeassistant (HassIO) and control the stuff from there.

As I understand it is not possible/advisable to add multiple hubs to one location - and since I dont the need for more than one location, I need to know

  1. The correct sequence of decommissioning V1 hub. Do i need to first disconnect, exclude or reset all connected sensors first. I believe all of the ones I have are zigbee devices, so whats the process for it.

  2. Do I need to delete the hub from my location in IDE web interface, and also the location itself.

  3. I believe the location deletion would also delete the custom smartapps and device handlers, so basically i would have to redo all the setup from scratch, is it correct.

  4. I am non US customer, as of now I am unable to see the V2 hub in my mobile app (both Classic and new Samsung App), I have the welcome code, MAC and serial number available on the back sticker of the V2 hub.

  5. Do i need to first delete everything as in point 1,2,3 to be able to see new V2 hub discovered in the mobile app.

  6. I have also mailed support with the picture of the V2 hub details (to confirm new ownership), haven’t heard back as yet. Does the support need to do something to make this new hub discoverable in the app. Am keeping the new hub connected to internet, the Green LED is solid, so it means it is connected to ST network.

Would really appreciate expert guidance over here, as I am bit confused to make my way along.


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Would go thru most of the steps, however I still cannot find my new hub in the mobile app. Any guidance about how it would be solved.


Never mind got it working. Was not able to follow the instructions completely, deleted old V1 Hub and all devices, smartapps, device handlers with it

  1. Factory resetted the V2 Hub, kept it connected online.

  2. Web IDE wasnt letting me delete only one current location used with V1 Hub, as it was the only and default location.

  3. Added a new location anyways from mobile app and it asked me for new welcome code for which I added the V2 Hub code, after which the new hub is added to my account.

  4. Have to redo all the device additions and app creations again.

  5. Just saw now I have two locations named “Home” in my location list, from V1 hub and newly created V2 Hub. So have to first set the new Home location as default, and then it would allow me to delete the old Home location, for information if someone may come across it. (Of course it is only applicable in my own setup since I only have one location, and may not be applicable for people having more than one location and wanting to keep all of them with different hubs).