Need help with Hub V2 migration!

I am in the middle of migrating from ST Hub 1 to Hub V2.

Everything was removed from Hub 1 - all routines, all smart apps, all devices.

Hub 1 was disconnected and removed.

Hub V2 was connected and updated.

According to ST instructions, I was supposed to start adding back their devices and Zigbee devices. I can not get any of the my old ST sensors, motions or outlets to reconnect to Hub V2.

Was I supposed to remove batteries when removing devices? Install batteries back in, one at a time to reconnect?

I’m stumped here! Need some help!!!

Hints, no time for full instructions: You need to find the migrate thread and read it. You might have already.

For zwave devices, you must have used “exclusion” mode on the hub, and done the exclusion procedure with each device, or they’ll still think they should talk to the old hub.

For zigbee devices, you should just be able to use the include procedure, which usually involves some battery removal and dancing on one leg full moon, etc… but it’s documented in each devices user manual, easily found online these days.

Those are quick thoughts/pointers only…

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Follows ST’s migration thread to the T … no mention of how to reconnect devices.

That thread probably assumes you remember from adding them to your V1 hub. It’s exactly the same, maybe a slightly different screen look in the app is all…

Thanks. Found instructions online as you suggested - need to pull batteries, press a button, do a jig, say a prayer and repeat. But I got all of the ST devices connected.

Though … I was using a ST Multisensor as a Garage Door sensor w/o the magnet. I got that Multi connect to Hub V2, but it’s giving me a constant OPEN message, and don’t see how to change the device to recognize it as a “tilt” sensor for Garage Door open/close. Will have to figure that out later - moving on to Zwave devices …

@Goldndoodle I have the same problem with my mailbox sensor as a tilt. It is a know problem. I have a ticket in the system. ST is working on it but I am sure it is VERY low on the priority list.

I figured that out - had to go into the Developer Tools and change IDE type on the sensor to Garage Door - as soon as I did it started working right.

Here’s my problem now … it’s been a long time since I setup my system. I can’t remember how I got my saved devices from the Developer site onto my ST App. I need my Honeywell WiFi Thermostat Device and MyQ Garage Door Opener added to ST App.

I finally figured out how to add the Zwave Thermostat and MyQ Garage Door openers from the Developer site to my ST App.

ZWAVE Thermo is working fine. Routine changes change temp set points.

The MyQ is a different story … the device works. I can open and close the door from the device. The ST multi sensor is correctly displaying open or closed as well. When I go intro routines to try to add Open/Close Garage Door it says “NO AVAILABLE OPTIONS”. Any ideas why ST is not seeing the MyQ Opener as a Garage Door option? Better yet … any ideas on how to fix it?