Migrating to Aeotec

Hi , I ve seen some of the recent announcements re ST off loading the hardware to Aerotec, but Id like to get some clarity on a couple of points if anyone knows please?

First one is the Aeotec V3 hub (advertised as works with Smartthings) the replacement and natural upgrade from a V2/V3 ST hub?

If so will all zigbee device etc work and integration with Hive, Sonos, Nest etc. work.

Will the ST IDE therefore be redundant and how does Aerotec manage the customisation that IDE helps facilitate?

Or if the Aerotec hub is not the next step is Aertec Autopilot the way forward ? and again same questions.

Not sure if its just me, (maybe I need to research and read more) but I am now totally confused with the direction in which ST are going (apart from dropping the hw bit)

I’ve already tried moving to Hubitat but that was an awful experience so I am hoping the Aerotec route will be better.

My worries is i’m on a V2 hub with no way of backing up the config and any future migration looks to be potentially a very manual and time consuming process.

Should I consider a move now to something like Aeotec or wait until ST clarify their roadmap?

Any views or input welcome

Many thanks Andy

The new Aeotec hub is basically a rebrand of the current ST v3 hub. The Aeotec hub will connect to the ST platform so any devices that currently connect to the ST platform will be the same on the new Aeotec hub.

If you choose to get that hub, there should be a migration tool that moves stuff to it (except for v1 hubs). You would need to contact Support (ST and I assume Aeotec as well) to use that tool.


The tool is currently on an invitation only basis but you should ask to join the list if you’re interested :slight_smile:

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The only thing that has changed are the logos stamped on the devices. They are functionally the same.

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When you say offloading to “Aeotec V3 hub” do you mean the nw Aeotec Autopilot product?

I’m curious as I was recently looking at Aeotec’s Autopilot hub product which mentions that it will work with Aeotec and POPP devices as well as 3rd party ones, but they don’t mention ST anywhere nor do they have a list of compatible devices anywhere on their website.

AutoPilot directly connects to a huge range of devices from Aeotec, POPP, and 3rd party makers.

source: https://aeotec.com/autopilot/

Furthermore a similar picture appears on their Device management - AutoPilot page which guids you through adding various devices to the AutoPilot hub



However the thing that really confuses me is that Aeotec predominantly focuses on Z-Wave devices and I can’t find anything about Autopilot that also mentions Zigbee

Can you please share any links where you discovered that the new Aeotec hub (Autopilot I presume) is basically a rebranded ST v3 hub so we can follow this up further, especially someone like myself who has an old ST hub that only supports Z-Wave and is contemplating getting a new ST hub.

PS If Aeotec really is a rebranded ST hub it would make sense to go with Aeotec from now on and I suspect the whole ST community will gradually grow as a result and slowly gravitate towards more of an Aeotec community, which may not be a bad thing as IMO there is so much more potential with Aeotec seeing the stides they have made over the past few years.

Exciting time :grinning:


Great thanks for sharing @jkp :grinning:

This product sounds even better in that it clearly states Zigbee as well on top of Z-Wave, but the odd thing is that this doesn’t seem to appear anywhere on the Aeotec website which only mentions the new 7th generation AutoPilot hub.

Looking at the details of the ST/Aotec hub it states that it uses Z-Wave Plus aka 500 Series or 5th Generation Z-Wave.

So if this is the case it seems Autopilot will be Aeotec’s next hub release which appears imminent. However the big question is, will they continue to offer Zigbee support?

I like the sound of the additional benefits that come with the 7th generation Aeotec Autopilot hub, which sounds like the killer hub to get (the one to rule them all?) if only they keep Zigbee support even though they only produce Z-wave products.

I so have my fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

I might ping them an email to check and to see how responsive they are

No, autopilot is a completely different device which Aeotec got when they acquired Popp.

There is a different hub from Aeotec which is just a smartthings V3 with the new logo on it. This has been certified by the Zwave alliance, but I don’t know that it is available for sale yet. But that’s the one which is being discussed in the threads here as a Works as a SmartThings hub device. Note that the WASH device does have a Zigbee radio, which so far the autopilot does not. Here’s the official announcement from smartthings (the topic title is a clickable link)

We have no way of knowing what Aeotec will do in the future. They may continue these as two separate lines or eventually combined them as a single hub with a Z wave 700 series chip and a zigbee radio. But we just don’t know.

Meanwhile, if you want one that works with smartthings, don’t get the autopilot model.

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Thanks for this clarification @JDRoberts

Now it’s all starting to make sense and IMO this is even more exciting as it indicates that Aeotec is positioning themselves as a huge player with both the acquisition of POPP (didn’t even realise this) and their partnership with Samsung.

It does sound exciting and perhaps their next hub release will indeed be the one that could potentially rule them all :grinning: :crossed_fingers:

I always liked the look of Aeotec from the first time I laid my eyes on them and sure, their products in the past weren’t perfect (e.g. sensor) they do seem to grow in strength.

I suspect the future could be bright for us all :crossed_fingers:

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Hey there,
So how do we get a invitation to the migration tool? I have well over 150 devices on my v3 ST. I have the aeotec controller ready to go, but not looking forward to re-inventing the wheel on this.

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I’d like to know too. I’ve got the Aeotec plugged in and connected to the ST app. and now… what’s the migration path?

if you have a v1 hub, there is no migration tool. for those with a v2 or v3 hub, you would need to contact ST support.

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Odd --Syed Abrar from Samsung SmartThings support-- is saying that there is NO migration… @jkp , can you clarify to the source of your information ? Im a bit frustrated that ST is appearing clueless… Maybe its just this particular person that is not in the know?

tagging @SamsungZell to help

which hub do you have? again… from discussions, this only works for the v2 and v3 hubs but not the v1, st-adt or ST hub wifi mesh with plume.

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thank you!! dont know if @RBoy would also know, as it sounded like it was a sure thing… You just had to ask-

I have V3 hub-- so as far as i can tell - I should be a candidate for migration

Since the Aeotec WASH model is apparently identical to the SmartThings V3 hub, I expect support hasn’t gotten very many requests for that. Can I ask why you’re planning to migrate?

The migration tool that did exist was mostly for people going from V2 to V3 and did require that both hubs be working and active on the account. But only support could use it and I don’t know if it still exists, there were some problems with it.

I was told that Samsung st is going offline in July-- that the V3 hub and all ST support will stop functioning June 29th- Hence the need to get off the V3 hub and move to Aeotec

Nope. Only some hub models, specifically the V1, the NVidia Shield Link, and the ADT/SmartThings dual logo hub.

Samsung is going to stop selling and supporting smartthings branded hardware and have turned that over to partners, notably Aeotec for the US and Europe, but that’s actually a separate announcement. SmartThings brand V2 and V3 hubs Will continue to operate past the cut off date for the older hub models. No announcement has been made one way or the other yet for the Samsung Wi-Fi mesh router models yet.

In the following, the topic title is a clickable link.

Announcement on Aeotec partnership:

Discussion thread with links to official announcements on retiring hub models:

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So this is what i received from ST–

I have a V3-- and they know that-- so are you saying that i did not have to buy the Aeotec hub? (which i did)

I Knew that V1 was ending— so i bought the V3 last year to get ahead. So getting this email told me it was going away. So are you saying that this email applies only to those with V1?