Meross Switches - Not Keeping Status

I have noticed recently that all of my Meross smart switches do not update the status (on/off) when turned on manually. I have a fair number of switches that have auto-off set and they no long work because if the switch is turned on manually it’s not registering as on in ST. I can turn on/off with ST and the status is obviously correct. Has anyone else encountered this or possibly have a fix? Wondering if it’s a server issue or something?

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I am not encountering that issue and I have many Meross devices. One thing you can attempt is to refresh the link. Tap on Menu and click on Settings (the cog in the upper right) and choose Linked services. Tap on the Meross linked service and click on Refresh at the bottom of the screen.

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I’ve tried that a few times also. I’m resisting the urge to delete it all and relink it… if it wasn’t for the automation i’d just try that. haha.

Sounds like that might be the solution though. :frowning:

report the issue with both ST and Meross Support. Meross maintains the integration but you never know which end the issue is coming from. To contact Meross support use the Meross app to find the link. I would hold off removing the integration until you get a response from them. Remember it is a Holiday so you may not get a quick response at this time.

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I’m having a lot of issues with Meross over the last few months.

Devices keep going offline. Mostly they will come back if they are toggled in the meross app.

The only advice you get from meross is to delete and reconnect the service. That works for a while but is not a solution and means all automations need to be recreated.

Smartthings have been helpful but at the end of the day they say its a meross issue.

I am thinking that meross are no longer interested in smartthings. Some things they sell no longer mention smartthings compatibility even when they are compatible.