Meross smart plug service

I linked the Meross service in smartthings but I wasn’t sure the next step, I followed the integration section in the Meross app but after the service linked nothing else happened. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do next

When you link to Meross from the ST app by authenticating with your Meross account, the devices should pop up in a new window where you can edit and select the rooms to place them. If they did not show up, tap on the Devices tab, tap on the Home icon in the upper left of the screen and look for “No Rooms Assigned” to see if they were placed there. If they are there, you can place them in the appropriate rooms. If not there, tap on Menu, tap on Settings (the cog in the upper right) and tap on Linked services. Meross should be in that list, click on it to see if your devices are showing there. No need to edit only click on Meross.

No rooms not assigned and nothing under the service
Maybe I need to remove the service try again later

What model number is the plug? And just to be sure, is it showing up in the Meross app?

do you have 2FA enabled in the Meross app?

Something was messed up In The Meross app, I removed it and added it again
Seems to be working now thanks so much for the help