Meross MDL110 Smart Desk Lamp power on

Hi all,

Have a mixture of Meross devices as well as other vendor devices that use both WiFi and Zigbee / Z-Wave (I have the ST Hub v3) with everything working fine.

Just brought the new Meross MDL110 desk lamp which works fine apart from I can’t power on the lamp using ST. When I do, ST shows it as being on but there’s no light at all from the lamp itself.
However if I change the dimmer at all it works. Annoyingly I can’t work around this with a routine as having ST power it on and then have a separate routine adjust the dimming doesn’t produce light from the lamp.

Works fine from native Meross app, and I’ve tried a resync between ST and Meross but no joy.

Anyone else got the same issue? Any tips?

You may want to contact Meross support and let them investigate in case it is an issue with their integration. They maintain the integration between them and ST. Use the contact form in the Meross app.

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Thanks. I’ve raised it with Meross and will update once I hear something.