Meross Account Linking Issues

I’m having trouble linking my Meross account and ST. I’ve found several solutions to similar issues but they’re all a few years old and not working. Every time I try to link the account, it takes me to a login page, I enter my credentials, and it takes me right back to the “link your account page”. If I go to the linked services page, Meross-c2c-pro appears as disconnected. If I remove it and try to add it again, I get the same thing. I reached out to Meross and haven’t gotten a response yet. I was hoping that someone has had more recent success in finding a solution?

What region are you in? If I remember correctly, there were some users in the EU experiencing the issue you described a few months back. Unfortunately I don’t know if they ever resolved their issues.

This is one of those areas where support needs to get involved so report it to ST support as well. Use the Contact us in the app and send error logs.


One thought: if using android… try changing the default browser on your device and test

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Well played, @jkp ! Switching default browser from Firefox to Samsung Internet for the process worked like a charm. I did hear back from Meross, but it was a generic “Here’s how to link to ST, good luck.” response, so pretty much useless. Everything is integrated correctly now, thanks for the help!