Smartthings / Samsung Account merge created a virtual location?

I went through the app migration last night and somehow it created a new Location in my app and IDE. I’m in Canada and was never able to add my Samsung Smart TV to my Smartthings account, but apparently having added it to Smart View, it was associated with my Samsung Account. Now that the two accounts are merged, my TV is listed as a Device in Location “Home2” (i edited the name to keep things clear), and my usual Smartthings setup has all Devices associated with Location “Home”.

Is there any way to merge these two Locations? I should think so, given that Location is a virtual construct.

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You should contact ST support at :slight_smile:

Yes… Location is a just data object; but that doesn’t mean SmartThings Support will be able to merge them - or might require some convincing to escalate). Please let us know either way. Maybe this is common.

To get a more in depth view of you data, I recommend exploring

You will find this useful for future diagnostics too.

We (ActionTiles) are finding quite a few Customers suddenly having multiple “Locations” with a great deal of confusion. I suspect what’s going on, but not sure enough to bother sharing hypothesis yet.


I have the exact same issue. Would love to know if you found a solution.

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The 2nd location does have 2 devices My phone, which I could care less about. And my TV which would be really nice to have as a thing in smart things.
I’m assuming that if I do this I still won’t be able to add my TV as a device in smartthings?

That’s why I haven’t tried to delete the 2nd location already.

I don’t know the answer.

But I also cannot think of any reason your TV can’t be added to your primary Location - but using the new App.

The new App and Classic App do not require separate Locations: The extra one that gets created is either a bug or anomaly (or outside my scope of understanding).

/me too

I’ve asked ST support if my locations could be merged. Firstly my query got answered by US support, who have passed it to UK support, who have kindly offered to delete the second location.

However this location contains my oven, which has never seen the light of day in ST. It also contains two TVs. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get any of them back if the location’s deleted.

So it seems like merging isn’t something they’re willing to do, at least in my experience. A great shame, as I can’t include any of these devices in automations.

My suspicion - as I am in Canada, I have been unable to add my TV to SmartThings, but it is registered with my Samsung Account. I think that when the two accounts were merged, SmartThings created a second location to absorb the non-SmartThings Samsung devices rather than merge them into the existing SmartThings account and device listing. This would appear to be consistent with the experience of John_Crighton and his excluded smart appliances.

I’ve got a note into Support to try and merge the two.

Thanks for sharing. I did this and now have the true/false aligned to my primary location and the fake location, but how do I move a device from one to the other? seems like my only option here is to delete the 2nd location?

Correct. SmartThings doesn’t provide a way to change the LocationID of a Device, only the Hub (and Room).

To change a Thing’s Location, remove it and re-add it. I guess the question remains whether the new SmartThings App will use your correct single Location or whether it will try to create a new one again.

Unfortunately, the app will not find my TV and add it to my real location. It just keeps searching… Again, I think this is a Canada limitation.

Just checking… you are using the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app when trying to add your tv?


Well I had an unexpected reply from support which suggests that you can move things from one location to another…

Hey John,
Of course, I can assist you with this. :slight_smile: To help you move your devices from one Location to another, simply follow these steps (you must be the owner for the Location, not a shared member):

  1. Tap Devices, and then tap the drop down arrow to select the Location that doesn’t have a Hub connected.
  2. Tap the three dots > Edit > three dots again > Move all my devices.
  3. Select the Location with your Hub that you want to keep and tap Move.
    Once you have successfully carried this out, I can go ahead and remove the Location that you no longer need so it’s a bit tidier.
    Hope this helps, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

However, I can’t find what they’re talking about in the classic app or IDE. Anyone?


@John_Crighton those instructions are showing that you will need the new SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app.

The one place I didn’t look - the new app!

Ok, so I’ve successfully moved all of my devices over to my original home location, with apparent ease. Excellent.

Yes - using SmartThings - add a device, Samsung Products, TV… and it never finds the TV

edit - didn’t realize “connect” was a totally different app. installed it and followed the instructions here to move the device.

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that did it! Thanks for sharing.


After moving the devices to your real location, did you log into the IDE and Classic app to see if they showed the devices as being in the real location?

I am having that issue right now. I used the new app to move the devices, but the IDE and Classic app don’t reflect the change.

I’m having the same issue. How do you actually mode the device?