New app migration shard issues

So, apparently when my account was first created years ago it was created on the wrong “shared” (AP not NA04) according to ST tech support. However, everything has worked fine. However, now that I’m migrating to the new app everything is falling apart.

ST support told me to (ticket#:1031512, 998178):

  1. Create a new location in the new app.
  2. Remove all the devices from the classic app.
  3. Add devices into the new location in the new app.

Hub Issues:
I was able to perform steps 1-2. However, now when I’m trying to add devices to the new location in the new app it states that I need a hub to add a device. When I try to add the hub it says that the “Code already registered. Invitation from owner needed to use this hub.”. I’ve tried performing a factory reset on the hub, but I get the same message.

I was able to add the hub back into the classic app and tested adding back in one device successfully.

I called ST support and the ticket was escalated to the back-end team with an anticipated response time of 2-5 days.

Device Info:
New Smartthings app v
Classic Smartthings app 2.20.0 build 969081
Hub: v2 US firmware 000.031.00004
Mobile Samsung S20 w/ Android v 10

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The above steps are close but are missing the step of creating a new Samsung account. Despite deleting your hub from the AP region and re-adding it in the NA region, your Samsung account is still tied to the AP region. This mismatch causes syncing issues across the platform which is why you are getting an error about needing a hub. Creating a new account and starting from scratch will avoid the mismatch. The error about the code being registered is because the hub is currently claimed to your account.

If you follow these steps you should be all set:

  1. Sign into the IDE and
  2. Delete your recently re-added hub (a factory reset of the hub should also work)
  3. Create a new Samsung account and confirm your region is listed as US in your account profile via
  4. Use the app to add the hub and devices

@Brad_ST I don’t see where I can confirm the region (see attached).

@Brad_ST, i found it. You have to click on your name. My current account is set to the USA region. Will I still need to create a net-new account?

YMMV, but after trying various things, this was the only way to get it to work.


  1. Delete all devices from SmartThings classic.
  2. Delete hub from and factory reset hub.
  3. Created new SmartThings account
  4. Sign out of old SmartThings account on mobile device then reboot mobile device.
  5. Delete SmartThings Classic and new SmartThings app from mobile device.
  6. Log into new SmartThings acocunt on mobile device.
  7. Install Smarthings Classic and new SmartThings app on mobile device.
  8. Add hub in SmartThings Classic.
  9. In classic app, Migrate location to new SmartThings app.
  10. Add devices in new SmartThings app.
  11. Delete SmartThings Classic from mobile device.
  12. Remove/Disable SmartThings from Alexa and Google Home.
  13. Add/Enable SmartThings from Alexa and Goolgle Home.

As noted in your follow-up post, yes the new account is necessary. Despite the original account showing the USA region, it’s possible that was updated at some point. In my experience, the Samsung account CS team is able to update that value but it does not always cascade down to update the region within SmartThings. Creating a new account is the surest way of avoiding future issues.