Memory Limitations and Multihub


I have been experiencing a very annoying issue with Smartthings since last week. At a certain point I have found all my Zwave Devices Offline. I have immediately contacted the Aeotec support and (with the help of the Smartthings support) I got the feedback that the hub was in memory limitation

I was using the exact same setup (driver and number of devices) since months with no issues. I think the issue might be related to the latest firmware update

I then have got rid of all the unused drivers and devices, but nothing really changed except that I am now in “SoftLimit” (ZWAVE and some other non-zwave devices are still offline)

Then, I have bought another hub and added it to Smartthings. Obviously, I have found no way to migrate devices from a hub to another and so I started manually deleting devices on one hub and add them on the other
Moreover I noticed that you can’t create a Hub group because if you do so you cannot select which device pairs to which hub. Of course, if you don’t create a hub group the hub to hub communication is via cloud → No local automations if devices are not on the same hub

At the moment I removed 4 drivers and more than 10 devices from the master hub but again… No benefit and still most of the devices are offline…
I am honestly a bit disappointed by the platform and the hub itself

Is anyone else having the same issue?

In a hub group, one of the hubs is still the primary and all devices and drivers are handled by that hub. The secondary hubs are simply radio repeaters and don’t do any of the command/event processing (unless the primary fails).

The Aeotec hub is simply a rebranded Samsung v3 hub and suffers from the same reduced memory as compared to the Samsung v2. How many devices and drivers do you have on your primary hub?

I have the same issue since last update. No more memory. Ok I was at hard limit. Now with a second hub I could switch over 10 devices and handlers to the second hub. Now Hub 1 is at soft limit. But I have the feeling that the last update need more memory. Bevor it was pissible with Hub 1 to search for new devices. After the update I get the memory full error

Is there anyway to tell what’s consuming the memory ?