Members invitations

Hey guys

I wish to invite my wife so she will be able to control ST hub as well.
At first, I couldn’t invite her because our account where on different regions, funny part - a Samsung user cannot change he’s account region by him-self.
So I’ve contacted ST support, and they changed my account region. Now both accounts are on the same region.
Still, I cannot invite her due to the same error.
I’ve contacted ST support once again, and they told my to reset my account (ST->Delete ST from your account).
If I understand correctly, this will erase my ST device completely and I’ll have to reconfigure it again from scratch.

  1. Has anyone had this issue before? How did you resolved it?
  2. If a delete ST account, will it delete all of it’s devices as well? and if so, shouldn’t I exclude all of the devices from the ZWave network period the account deletion?

Unfortunately, I think you know the answer to this - and it’s not the one you want to hear.

It’s a 100% start over from scratch situation. Exclude and factory reset all your devices, the hub, delete the account and start over.

Thank you, I hoped to hear a different answer… :man_facepalming:

Can I exclude devices with getting to the physical device? I really don’t want to open all of my lights switches to get to the relays.

That completely depends on the device. (What are they) Exclusion usually mirrors what you did to add it. I don’t use relays typically ,don’t they have a way to trigger an add/exclude from some combination of switch actions?

I’d suggest trying ST support again and see if you get a better answer. Like maybe reset your wife’s account instead.

I don’t think that will work in this case John - if his account was the one to create the location, the location is in the shard his account was in when he created it. I don’t think there’s a way around that no matter what. At least they can now rehome an account - they used to not be able to do that. They still can’t re-home a location, which is probably why they’re asking for the reset.

First , I cannot invite my wife because different region

But I delete my wife account and create new one with same region and I can invite her with no problem.

his problem is slightly different. he’s already has his region changed to match his wife’s (Because I assume that’s where they live now) but the LOCATION was created when he was in his old region. So now they dont match the location region. he’s still attached because he created it, she can’t join because she’s in aa different region than the location (and will continue to be if she deletes and recreates) It’s unfortunately the worst possible case.

I guess it is the worst possible case, already started to exclude devices, and tried to re-add them (just for checking) and yep, new st app cannot found them while old one can. I guess its because the migration, hopefully will have no problem after full reset.