MCT-340 sensor pairing

Hi All,

I’ve got a new MCT-340 sensor that I’m trying to pair with ST. I no longer see it as an option in the new app, but did get it to pair using the old app. While it works fine in the old app, the new app says the device isn’t working and to try again. It didn’t appear as an option to use in the smartthings automations (in the new app). The API page also shows that everything is working fine.

I’ve removed the device to attempt re-pairing, and now I’m even having trouble with that. It’s not uncommon for me to not re-pair a device after deleting it from my system for some reason.


Update: I was able to pair using the new app, but the results are still the same (can’t open the device in the new app, but works great elsewhere).

Reset the sensor…

To reset them, you remove the battery, hold down the tamper switch, re-insert the battery, then release the tamper sw. The led should blink.

In tHe new app, click on add device and choose scan nearby at the bottom of the screen. There is no option to add visconic devices. Only tHe ability to scan zigbee devices.

Awesome, thanks. It did pair in the new app using the method you suggested, but the results are the same (shows up, but “Can’t connect to device. Check device and try again” in new app).

The other mct-340 sensor that I’ve had for months remains operational. This seems like a very weird problem.

I’d wonder if the sensor is defective, but if that’s the case, I’d suspect it wouldn’t work in the legacy app.

Login to IDE, go to Devices, find the new device and see what device handler is assigned to it. Change it to smartsense door/window sensor, save and refresh the new app. See if it works.

Yep, that fixed it. Any idea why that is?

Should I change it back now that I’ve confirmed it works? It looks like it still shows all of the sensor data (contact, battery, temperature) as the smartsense open/close sensor.

Any chance you installed any custom device handlers for those sensors? Possible they did not have the needed code changes to work in the new app. If you had installed any custom device handlers, you may want to remove them and just go with the smartsense one. Assuming the device handler is not currently being used by other devices. In which case, you would need to change them in all the devices before you can remove that custom code.

AH! Your right. There’s a DH installed for it. I searched for an update and found this on the author’s github:
“Do not use this, this device is nowadays natively supported by SmartThings”

I’ll get that removed and change to the both to the native device type.

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