Visonic MCT-350 Help

Hey All,

I searched around but everything I’m seeing relates to the MCT-340. I’ve got a 350 (I saw a few posts saying they work but no instructions beyond just adding to ST) that I put in pairing mode and Smartthings finds it. It lists it as a thing and says please wait. Based on what I’m seeing on that front it looks like I have to change the type of device in the IDE. I added this device handler ( to my IDE.

I went to the device, changed it and it successfully updated, however, the light is still blinking on the device like it’s in pairing mode, and it is giving me false readings saying it’s open and 32 degrees F in my house.

Does anyone have more information on how to make this work?

Thanks in advance.

try changing the device type to SmartSense Door/Window Sensor

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I have several of these around my house and I have them set as SmartSense Door/Window Sensors. They seem to go offline frequently and I have to remove the cover and then find the device again. Any ideas?