Connected but no data

I purchased a Visonic MCT-340 E Wireless Door Window Temperature Sensor 2.4ghz ZigBee that is suppose to be “native” to smart-things. Not exactly sure what that means…native. The directions for activating and pairing are for a security panel, they have nothing about smartthings and the device name is not listed in the smartthings vendor list.
This is what I see on my phone, any help getting this thing to connect to Smart-things? I replaced the battery but that was no help.

To add a zigbee device with the new app you select add a device, then hit the scan button in the upper right corner to put the hub into pairing mode, then put the device into pairing mode. For that sensor to put it into pairing mode you need to remove the battery cover, press and hold the tamper button for a second or two until the light starts flashing, and then replace the battery cover. A “native” device will automatically choose a stock device type handler when paired like this and should work without any additional work. Other devices need to have custom device type handlers (code) added to your SmartThings account first, and sometimes need the correct code assigned to it after pairing.

It’s possible that however you paired it the correct device type handler wasn’t assigned. Or it’s possible that the pairing process got messed up somehow. Or it may not be close enough to the hub or a repeater and lost connection. You can try to delete the device and try pairing it again. You can also log into the IDE ( and check what device type it’s using. Once logged in, go to the devices tab, then select the device, then click edit at the bottom of the page, and check what the “type” field is. It should say “SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor”. If it doesn’t, select that option from the drop down list and hit save/apply.

Thanks MJ, that did the trick although it is showing 32 degrees in my house at 70+ and the battery at 67% which is new…interesting. But I know how to pair now…Again Thanks.

P.S. that is what I see for device type.
SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor