Matter - smart home connectivity standard (formerly Project CHIP)

Nobody ever mentions this, so I will! None of these smart locks work with the majority of UK doors to lock them, only to unlock. This is because they usually have multipoint locking systems that require that you raise the handle first to engage the locks around the frame before you can use the key to lock the door. They work fine to unlock, but make these devices very limited for UK use and I can’t see that changing as it would require a very different system and a lot of power to move that handle.

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Android 15 is adding a Thread network stack that, on some phones, will enable communicating with compatible smart home devices via Thread

From having a Thread network stack to being able to communicate directly with Matter devices there’s a long journey ahead, but we’ll arrive hopefully.

Just look at WiFi, phones have WiFi but they cannot communicate with Matter over WiFi devices, they talk to the Matter controller, sometimes even through the cloud like SmartThings, Alexa or Google Home apps do.

Having Thread on phones is interesting for battery optimization, no need to have WiFi active all the time at home to receive the typical push notification and would make the most of the mesh nature in places with poor WiFi signal.


Let’s hope they implement it as an end device and not as a FTD. Otherwise it would shake up the fabric too much if the device is removed.

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Being battery powered and mobile won’t be a FTD. An Android TV could be though.

As for Matter, for phones it should be like a remote using bindings. Another Matter feature not available in smart home platforms right now.

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My guess, although it’s just a guess, is that the publication has made an unnecessary leap from thread support to matter support.

Most analysts believe that Apple added thread support to the iPhone 15 not because of anything to do with matter, but rather to eventually replace some of the phone’s Bluetooth functions with thread because thread tends to be more stable and can also offer better range.

It would seem likely that android is adding thread support for the same reasons.

There Might eventually be a matter function of some kind, But as you know, that’s not what’s being announced. :man_shrugging:t2:


Indeed, they also state that Thread was “designed specifically for Matter” when it predates it by 5 years.

I find it interesting for smart watches too, my smart band is always complaining about being out of bluetooth range when the phone is on the other side of the apartment. And, while some models have WiFi, that eats the battery.


The solution to this is to fit a multipoint auto-engage, no power required, maybe some time and effort.

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That’s an interesting product. However, it looks like a maximum of 4-point securing rather than the five points we have, and I can’t see many people spending another £100 or so on this on top of the cost of the smart lock. It does make it actually possible though. I would like to see these being fitted as standard on new-builds. In the great scheme of a house purchase, the extra cost would be negligible.

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