Samsung Developer Conference (SDC21) (October 26, 2021)

One month away… what fun and exciting news will come from this year’s event … stay tuned and find out!


Mark Tekippe, Director of Product Management, said at a Silicon Labs Work With panel the other week that we’ll get more info on Matter integration at SDC 2021 :crossed_fingers:


I wish there was a local api to connect with Home Assistant. I would be able to keep both platforms at the same time

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Would have saved me the trouble of buying separate Z-Wave and Zigbee radios. Using SmartThings would have been much easier. It’s good hardware, but the cloud is ruining it for me.

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Yes indeed! I have to buy a zigbee and a zwave stick now. The other thing is that you would still be limited to the integrations supported by Smartthings

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Or you would write your own Edge driver. The local API would make the product compatible with any other, as a Zwave or Zigbee controller. :wink:

We need to hear from Adrian, @ady624 , because it’s getting silly now not knowing, being left in the dark. For the average user, SmartThings without webCoRE (variables, backup/restore, sharing pistons etc), would be inconceivably mundane, pedestrian, basic, tedious, immature. monotonous, unsophisticated, crude, primitive, unrefined and plain boring.

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Check out the Tech Talks to hear from our experts about
SmartThings Find, Build, Edge, and Matter.

Find - a service what what nobody uses. Seriosly, nobody. But anyhow the devices behind it has been removed from mobile operator contracts.

Build - idk how anybody will be able to tell any reasonable and knowledgeable about it. It is like a non-disclosure agreement. If anybody asks any question about how to build something into the ecosystem someone from the support team points to the build email address, where exactly the same people replies to your email behind curtains and points you to the incomplete and never correct documentation. And they are unable to give any answer neither. Giving promises about things will be fixed, what never happens, and then they ask you, how satisfied you were with the “service”.

Edge - this is what about the conference really should be and should give more insight what else is coming regarding drivers, local smartapps (maybe), and inter-connectability (hopefully).

Matter - ??? - still a fictional thing pushed to a future date, and nobody knows still what and how it will do. Seriously, put out a product using it. Patch it a few times first until it doesn’t fail and then you can talk about it. It is like Elon Musk shows off how the cybertruck is. But he at least had a product on the stage, disregarding the fact that how the window was smashed.

Last I heard Adrian reports to Vlad, so he can address it too. Vlad and Adrian presented together the Webcore on Rules API PoC at SDC 2019.

Ready… Set… Let the fun begin tomorrow…

cross posting from the Matter thread…

And Samantha Fein says the SmartThings “hubs“ planned to be included in future Samsung televisions will be “software only“ – – no radios.

Which is what happens when you turn the product vision over to a marketing person instead of an engineer. :disappointed_relieved:


So then they’re not hubs.


That’s what I would say, but not what Samsung says.

Not as much detail from SDC as I would prefer. No dates or special model info given. I put stuff I found interesting in a Twitter thread, but have so many questions now.

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Some questions I’m left with:

  1. what models of Samsung TVs and Appliances will be Matter controllers?
  2. with SmartThings committing to Thread, will V3/Aeotec hub get Thread enabled?
  3. When does Routine Creator beta start?
  4. Will SmartThings Hubs be matter bridges for zwave and zigbee?