Matter device Error 05-300

I am trying to connect a Matter device, but after some time “prepearing”… I have a message error that device is not available (try again). Error code: 05-300. Is there any idea what kind of error is this?
Could be an Edge driver missing? Or only incompatible device?


which Matter device?

Have you added it to any other Matter controllers? What method did you use to add it?

I am trying to add bulbs, a spot light and a roll curtain motor.
I was able to install only a curtain motor.

Make and models?

Zemismart devices…

  • Smart Matter LED Bulbs
  • Smart Matter Light
  • Smart Matter Roller Shade Motor

Are any Matter Edge drivers installed on your hub? If so, which ones? There are currently drivers listed for switches and window coverings. I’d be curious if the bulb is supported by the switch driver.

No… new… reseted.
I am using QR-Code to add, after press sync option in the device.

I did install successfully only a Zemismart Smart Matter Curtain Motor.
Do you have any Matter Edge drivers developer link?

The only Matter drivers I’m aware of are the stock ST drivers.

Have you added the Matter devices to any other Matter controllers?

No… only trying in my ST hub (2018)